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Mom Confession: I'm a potty mouth  

Thursday, July 29, 2010

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Are you a potty mouth, or are you a Role Model? I just saw a webisode by Evenflo in conjunction with their "Are You a Savvy Parent" video series, called "How to recover from a potty mouth moment". I cracked up watching this - because I have been in that situation!

Even though I teach my children not to cuss, I still do it. Quite regularly, I might add! I don't know why either, I just do! It's weird too, because when I was growing up my parents only said a few words, like the "D" word or the "s" word.

I can relate to the mom in the video because I curse, so when my children were younger, they were copying off of ME! But now that they're older, I've told them that even though I say it they can't! (You know, the whole "Do as I say, not as I do" thing!) My children have eaten soap when they were younger for cussing, and in recent years too - and I do feel bad about that (honestly I do!) but I have to hold my ground. (Do as I say... thing again!) I say, as long as you're not cussing AT your kids, it's up to you what words you use!

It's up to each person to decide if they want to cuss, and to deem where and when it's appropriate. I say to each her own!

Evenflo has just released the Momentum 65 DLX Convertible Car Seat, with features that help make safety, installation and use as easy as possible for parents.  Evenflo andJuiceBoxJungle sponsored me to write this post. 

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