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Safeway Savings - 1/25/09  

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I was at a friend's house on Friday, Jan. 24th, and they showed me the deals they got on some fresh meat: $1.49 a pound on various types of meats! So I knew I had to go there that weekend, as the sale was only for that weekend!

Sunday I lounged around, did some laundry, cleaned off my DVR a little bit, and then at like 7 pm I realized I had forgotten to go to Safeway for their sale.

Here's a list of what I got & what I spent:

FiberOne chewy bars (oat & caramel) - Reg price $3.69 - on sale for 2/$6 (I also used a $1/1 coupon). Total savings: $1.69

FiberOne chewy bars (Apple streusel) - Reg price $3.69 - on sale 2/$6 (I had another $1/1 coupon). Total savings: $1.69

Kashi Baked Cereal Bars (Apple) - Reg price $3.99 - price: FREE with a free box coupon (came with a sample)

Safeway chocolate pudding (4 pk) - Reg price $1.49 - on sale for $1 - total savings $.49

Safeway tapioca pudding (4 pk) - Reg price $1.49 - on sale for $1 - total savings $.49

Hubba Bubba Gun (for dd) - $1.39 (no savings - grr! LOL!)

Quaker Rice Cakes - 6 oz bag - on sale for $1.88 - Reg price $2.19 - savings $.31

Safeway brand freezer bags (gallon size) - Reg price $2.29 - on sale for $2 - total savings $.29

Safeway brand freezer bags (quart size) - Reg price $2.29 - on sale for $2 - total savings $.29

Kraft 2% American cheese - Reg price $4.99 - on sale for $1.99 plus I used a $.75 off coupon located by cheese - total cost $1.24 - savings $3.75

Lucerne 1/2 gallon whole milk - Reg price $2.49 - on sale for $1.99 - total savings $.50

Lucerne 1/2 gallon 2% milk - Reg price $2.49 - on sale for $1.99 - total savings $.50

Safeway Select Jalapeno snacks (for Super Bowl!!) - Reg price $3.99 - on sale for $3 - total savings $.99

Safeway Select medallions (stuffed mushrooms) - Reg price $3.99 - on sale for $3 - total savings $.99

YoPlat Yo+ yogurt - Reg price $3.69 each - on sale 2/$5 - also used $.50 off 1 coupon X 2 - total savings $3.38

Polly-O string cheese - Reg price $5.49 - on sale for $3.99 - also used $.75 off 1 coupon located near cheese - total savings $2.25

Febreze Air Effects Air Freshener (spray) - price: $3.49 - used $1 off coupon

Greenworks Dilutable cleaner - reg price $3.29 (no savings)

Glade scented oil candles - $3.99 each - used coupon for Buy 2, get 1 free - total savings $3.99

Glade scented oil candle holder - Reg price: $6.99 - on sale for $4.99 - I used a $3/1 coupon - total savings - $5

Quickie twist mop - Reg price $12.49 - no savings and I have to return it as it is broken!

Pork shoulder meat - marked down to $2.95 b/c when I bought it that was the sell by date

Frozen chicken breast fillets - marked down to $4.95

Top Round steak - Reg price $7.75 - on sale for $2.90 - total savings $4.85

London Broil - reg price $20.76 - on sale for $5.91 - total savings $14.85

Top round roast - reg price $22.72 - on sale for $6.97 - total savings $15.75

London broil - reg price $15.87 - on sale for $4.52 - toal savings $11.35

80% lean ground beef - reg price $17.42 - on sale for $10.11 - total savings $7.31

Pork country ribs - reg price $12.23 - on sale for $6.09 - total savings $6.14

Bananas - 2lbs/$.88 - total price $1.09 - reg price $1.46 - saved $.37

All in all I bought 34 items for $117.36 and I saved $76.50 with their club card, $14.48 with coupons, and I saved 43% - $87.48!!!

It was sooo funny at the store too - the guy working the register scanned all of my meat first and was saying that their sale must be great and I told him that it was! After he scanned my meat, he showed me that the total was $109 and some-odd cents. He asked for my card just because "he was curious". My card took it down $60!!! I was so shocked but ecstatic! Imagine my surprise at the end when he said that I saved $87!!

Plus, my local Safeway has a gas station and I earned a PowerPump reward for $.10 (I think that's $.10/gal but I am not sure!) so the next time I need gas, I will be going to Safeway!

To be honest, I don't really shop at Safeway unless I am over there because I have other cheaper stores closer to me, but I couldn't pass this sale up!

Share your sales and bargain shopping deals!

*special thanks to ConsumerQueen, DealSeekingMom, MommySnacks, and Money Saving Mom (there may be a couple more - if I missed you, I am sorry!) whose blogs I subscribe to and they are teaching me how to shop frugally in this recession!

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Posted a day late... but still 100% in my heart!  

Yesterday was my baby sister's birthday. So... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU AMY DEAR!

*If I wasn't mobile blogging I would put up a picture of my beautiful sister here... but I cannot post pics with the phone... I wish I could. Then you all would see how much alike my sister & I look! She's gorgeous like me!!

Although I was adopted at 2 1/2, and my brother and sister were raised with my mom, it's amazing how much my sister and I resemble each other. Although everyone says I am the spitting image of our mother, my sister looks a lot like me! She's beautiful!

I love her so much. She's endured so much in her "short" life. At 27, she's 5 years younger than me, and just about the opposite of me. I am a quieter version (I think that was just the way I was raised and the things I went through growing up) but I definitely can get down and have a good time! Give me a little alcohol, and I will get loud too! Hehe...

Here's to you, Amy! You are a smart, beautiful, and extremely loving sister, and even though we're 2600 miles apart, and we don't always agree or see eye to eye, and in my selfish way I sometimes don't get you - you are still my baby sister and I would kill for you! You are a great mother and an inspiration. I am proud of you, for all the adversities you have overcome, and all the things that you have done to perservere. (If they only knew - right Amy?!)

Let 2009 be YOUR year! Some words of advice for you:
- Never, EVER, accept less than what you are worth.

- Follow your heart. It always knows best!

- Give a DAMN what they say! (And I know that WE already live by this!)

- Your children & you are #1! That's all that matters.

- Give freely, love deeply, and cry when necessary. It cleanses the soul.

- Forget the past.

And, last but not least -

- You cannot change your family, but you can change how you react to them and the situations that you may be involved in with them. Love them unconditionally, no matter what.

Happy Birthday dear Amy! Happy Birthday to yyyyooooouuuuuu!


Your Big Sis

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I thought I would take some time to post about my ch-ch-ch-ch-changes since we have some crazy ice and snow going on here in Maryland (more ice now than snow!)
I am not heading into work until the sun comes up, at the very least. They say it won't get above 32 til noon or so but we'll see. I really need to go into work. But I am also needed by my two children.

Back to the subject at hand...

I have decided to be more proactive and stop hating how I look, and start nourishing my body properly, to lose the weight that I have put on since having my gallbladder removed almost a year ago.

It's hard to believe that this time last year, I was in A LOT of pain dealing with some HUGE gallstones. I was taking painkillers like crazy at this time last year. I couldn't eat anything that I loved. I got sick regularly (a little graphic here people) with GREEN stuff coming out of me. I don't know how much weight I lost since I don't own a scale (not one that works anyway), but at one point I was in a size 12 jean. A size 12 is perfect for my big-boned, 5'8" body. I felt great (and I am sure I looked it too!)

Now I am a size 18. For the first time in my life!! Through three children and many ups and downs in my personal life, I have remained a size 14, and I was okay with that. I have never been an active person, more of a lazy person, but I didn't drive until I was 22 so that did aid me in keeping my weight down, somewhat.

I have not been one for breakfast for years, thinking not eating would help me lose weight, even though I KNOW that that is the worst thing you could do! I think, now that I know what anorexia is, that I am anorexic. If you know anything about anorexia, you should know that it's not just the skinny girls who have this disease.

Since I have been shopping more frugally and using coupons and hunting down the deals for the past few weeks, I have bought quite a few things that I should be eating:

FiberOne bars - I have a bunch of a $1 off one box coupons, so on my recent trip to Safeway over the past weekend, I bought three boxes. YUM! They are good! And they pack 35% of the RDA of the fiber you need.

YoPlait Yo+ yogurt - the Vanilla is soooo yummy! And it's packed with Vitamins A & D, fiber, and aids in digestion. In my opinion, it's much better than Activia!

Kashi Soft Baked Cereal Bars - I had gotten a sample from VocalPoint with a free box coupon, as well as another one from somewhere else. I used my last one on the Safeway trip and purchased the Apple flavor. (Previously I had gotten the Strawberry kind.) To be honest, the Apple kind is very dry compared to the Strawberry ones, but that doesn't mean that all of them are dry. I will be purchasing more Apple, to see if it's just that flavor.

Bananas - Safeway had 2 lbs. For 88 cents.

White grapes - at 99 cents a lb, I couldn't pass this deal up.

FiberOne Caramel cereal - very tasty!

2% Lowfat milk - I have never bought any milk other than whole milk, but suprisingly, this milk tasted the same to me. I do love Soy Milk also, but it's quite pricey!

Since Friday last week, I have been eating better. I REFUSE to use the "D" word - here, it's a bad word. It makes you feel like you're punished! Eating healthy is a lifestyle, not a burden! So I will Not Use that word!!

Here's a peek into my meals since last Friday:

Breakfast: 1 c. FiberOne cereal, 1/2 c. Lowfat milk, 1 c. Fruit (canned or fresh). On Sunday I made scrambled eggs with 2% milkfat shredded cheese, and I consumed 1 cup of that. 8 oz. Of Apple Raspberry cocktail juice. Coffee... this may be my downfall.

Since I work during the week, and I have to be there no later than 630 am, I get in early (between 6 & 615 am) and I eat there. This is what I eat: 1 FiberOne chewy bar, 1 YoPlait Yo+ yogurt, and a banana. About 10 am I eat either a Kashi Soft baked cereal bar or another FiberOne bar.

Lunch: 1 c. Soup (currently, Campbell's healthy something or other), 1 c. Fruit, a FiberOne chewy bar, and a glass of water. Oh yeah, add in one Polly-O mozzarella cheese stick.

Dinner is pretty open but I still try to watch my fat intake and calorie content. I did make Chicken Marsala last night (from the NEW Romano's Macaroni Grill boxed meals that you can find in your local grocery store), and I added some broccoli to my plate - which was more than my entree. I LOVE broccoli, but mostly, I love veggies!

I admit, my body is in shock. My stomach is growling as I write this. But that's okay. As my stomach continues to shrink, it will get easier. Sometimes I gorge too much!

Soon I will get some breakfast. I've already started my coffee... had to!

I am debating getting some SlimQuick. If any of you have any experience with it, please share!

If you are also embarking for a healthier you, post a comment or send me an email (in my profile) and maybe we can encourage each other!

if you are on a journey to a healthier you, BE STRONG!!! It is worth it!

I hope to be back in a size 14 by summer. Not only by my menu choices, but also with my Bally's gear I have here from when I sold AVON a few years back. They've been collecting dust far too long! As the weather gets warmer, I will walk & do what I have to do to shed those pounds. I just can't afford a gym!

Have a great "Hump" day!

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Another Blog Candy!  

Friday, January 23, 2009

Melissa has blog candy here:

One condition: if you enter, please tell her I sent you! You get extra entries for the people you send! So spread the word!


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Crafty Nation - SiteWarming Party!  

To all my crafty friends, I want to share a new site with you: I joined the site yesterday as well as some of the groups that are on the site. They have Papercrafting, Jewelry Making, Soap Making, Scrapbooking, and more groups that you can join! You can also post photos of your projects! I uploaded photos of some cards that I have made yesterday!

If you twitter, join us tonight on twitter for the Crafty Nation party. Use the hashtage #crafty. The party will be hosted by ResourcefulMom. If you don't twitter, I suggest you should! There's some great people there and you will always learn something.
If you do decide to sign up for Twitter - follow me: @pricousins.
ResourcefulMom is @ResourcefulMom.

Here's the link to find out more about the Site Warming party for Crafty Nation: You can also see the prizes that are up for grabs! (Yes, there are always prizes at ResourcefulMom's site warming parties!)

When you join Crafty Nation, add me (pricousins) as your friend!

See you there!

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More Blog Candy!  

Monday, January 19, 2009

Go here to enter to win some Valentine's Blog Candy: You have until Jan. 30th to enter!

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Pepsi Giveaway from Mommy Snacks!  

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hurry! Because this giveaway is over in 2 days!!!

Andrea from Mommy Snacks is giving away a $250 basket from Pepsi for the Super Bowl! Enter here:

Since I am a Steelers fan, today is centered around that game (today at 6 pm) and I really hope they win so we can go to (not to mention WIN!!!) the Super Bowl again!
So.... I really want this prize!

But... good luck to you if you enter!

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Copic Blog Candy!  

There's some cool blog candy over here:! All u have to do is spread the word!

Good luck!

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My Shopping Finds for this week  

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Inspired by all of the great blogs out there that highlight sales, I have decided to post the sales that I will be taking advantage of this week.

Klein's Grocery Store (local):
American chesse (deli): $4.99
International Delight coffee creamer: 3/$4
40% off boneless roast
Mott's applesauce: 10/$10

I figured I can get away with spending $20 there.

Weis: (local grocery store)
Dozen large eggs: $1.29
Swiffer Wet or Sweeper refills: 2/$7 (I need the wet. I really wish I had a coupon for this but since I don't have a mop right now, I need to utilize this!)
Here I will also pick up a box of Kashi TLC new fresh baked cereal bars - free with coupon

Rite Aid:
Oral-B Pulsar toothbrush: $2.99 - $1 Rite Aid coupon - total: $1.99
Skintimate shave gel: $2.49 - $1.50 Rite Aid coupon - total: 99 cents

Land O'Lakes butter - Buy one, get one free. Here I will use my $1 off coupons and I will try to use two of them. *anyone know if that will work? Please comment & let me know!*
Poultry - 50% off
Old Orchard Juice - $1.69 minus $1 off 2 coupon - buy 2 for $3.38, pay $2.38 total for 2
Here I will use my second free coupon for the Kashi cereals bars (which are scrumptious, btw! Have you tried them?! I got a free sample! Yum!)
Chips Ahoy cookies - 2/$5
Generic bleach - 99 cents
Bounce dryer sheets - 100-140 ct - $5.99 with 20 cents off coupon. Doubled.
Including the chicken I think I can out of only spending $30

* I have $5 ECB from going there tonight that I will utilize tomorrow for the items below:
100 ct + bonus Excedrin - $8.99 - get 3 ECB - like paying $5.99
Kotex with bonus - $4.99 - get $2 ECB - minus 50 cents off coupon - like paying $2.49
Here I will use my coupon for a free Crest Weekly Clean toothpaste

*I also have $5 RR here from taking advantage of their 5/$15 Pepsi product 12 packs. I was also able to use 2 attched coupons for $1 off 2 12-packs, like payin $13/5 But I also received $5 RR - total for 5 12-packs, $8!! Plus I get to use the Pepsi mail-in rebate that is floating around the internet...
Windex wipes - $3.79 BOGO - minus mail-in rebate - FREE!
Aquafresh toothpaste - $2.99 - $2 Walgreen's coupon - total: 99 cents
Basic paper towel roll - 89 cents with Walgreen's coupon
Kleenex - 89 cents with Walgreen's coupon minus 25 cents off coupon - total 64 cents!
Halls cough drops - 99 cents with Walgreen's coupon
Campbell's cream soups - 89 cents with Walgreens coupon, limit 3 - buy 2 and use 40 cents off coupon - total $1.29
Campbell's Select Harvest Soup - 4/$5 - I have 2 save 50 cents off of 2 - 4/$4.

So what do you think? I am learning from my twitter friends and

Thanks all you frugal moms out there who teach us how to save (and in some cases, MAKE!) money!


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Friday, January 16, 2009

I have four Blogger followers! Aww shucks ladies (can't very well say "guys" here, can I?) I am so honored I am blushing.

Ummm... seriously... thanks for following my blog! Can't wait til I get a pc so I can put a custom template up here, and post more, and start my own giveaways! Mos def!

Off to do laundry & other domesticated actions!

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The Title of my Blog  

I keep forgetting to post this. Well - not really because it's been pretty busy around our house this week, I have been having a hard time keeping up with email! We all know how that goes...

At any rate,

The name of my blog is because of a really great song by a group called No Doubt. Ever heard of 'em? Great music! Gwen Stefani? Totally a rockin', classy, sexy kinda gal! From Orange County, CA, nonetheless... I'd post the lyrics to the song here if I could copy & paste on a mobile. For now, you can search for it on Google...

It's my day off so I have some Susie Homemaker things to do!

Drama-free today...


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Blog Candy Alert!  

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Head over here: to win some SWEET candy! Hurry! It ends January 15th!

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Review: Oil of Olay Total Effects - Moisturizer w/Foundation  

Thursday, January 8, 2009

I am a big fan of moisturizers, especially Olay. As a faithful follower for about 10 years and maybe more, when I saw the new 7-in-1 Anti-Aging Moisturizer w/Foundation, I knew I had to have it! So when it went on sale a couple of weeks ago, ($16.99 from $21.99 at Rite Aid!!!) I bought it.

I got the medium tone because even though I am a blue-eyed, blonde haired woman, I am not pale. (I used to sell Avon and was a Certified Beauty Advisor a couple of years ago. Before that, I thought I was fair skinned.) I have gotten comments about my "tan", so I am wondering if it is too dark for me? But I also know that if a foundation is not the right color for you, your skin will turn orange. This does not happen to my skin with this product.

The first time I used the moisturizer, and to be honest, every time since I bought it, I have noticed how dry my skin feels after I use it. It feels very matte-finish, and God forbid I get it near my lips, I had better keep the Chap-Stick handy (or put on some gloss)!

I have been using facial moisturizers, specifically, the pink lotion from Olay, since I was about 21-22 years old. I learned a long time ago to do so & I think it has paid off! Everyone thinks I'm YEARS younger than I am!

I love Olay products! Soap, body wash, and moisturizers! They smell and work great! But, this moisturizer dries me out & I don't like it so to combat that, I've started mixing 1/2 of the Olay moisturizer and 1/2 of some other stuff I have here.

It is a timesaver, I have to admit. As I've gotten older, I keep it simple when it comes to my beauty routine (getting up at 4:30 am for work might also have something to do with that!). I typically wear only mineral foundation, powder with some shimmer, mascara, and lipstick or gloss. At least I can skip the foundation when I use this moisturizer.

I think I'll be going back to my old fave, the regular 7-in-1 Anti-Aging Total Effects cream.
Anybody else notice the same thing about this product? Share your thoughts - don't be shy!

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Queen Kat Designs Blog Candy!  

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

For all of you stampers & scrapbookers out there, head over to
Http:// and see how to enter for their blog candy!

*if you are a papercrafter, look at my follow list (who I personally follow) or my buttons for some great people!

You're still here?! Go to Queen Kat Designs right now!


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A Day In The Life of... ME!  

My life is pretty simple...
Get up, go to work, come home, figure out dinner, help with homework if necessary, bitch about what chores didn't get done in the two hours since my son has been home...
You know - a day in the life of a MOM!

I woke up at 4:30 am (EST) for work but since there was a mixed precipitation warning for my area, I am playing hooky. So I utilized my time blogging... and entering contests/blog giveaways.

I decided to share a few of my favorite things and people here with you today. Sorry, no links, as I am still mobile blogging, but I am sure you can easily Google these if interested.

I'll start with my hobby that I don't get enough time for, I mean, I don't make enough time for - papercrafting. Here's my fave rubber stamp companies:

1 - C.C. Designs (All That Scraps)
2 - Lizzie Anne Designs
3 - Papertrey Ink
4 - Gina K Designs
5 - My Favorite Things
6 - Amy R Stamps
7 - Stamping Bella

My fave stamping friends:
1 - Marge (no blog)
2 - Elaine (no blog)
3 - Lauren Meader (MyTime)
4 - Julie Buhler
5 - Amy Rysavy
6 - Nichole Heady
7 - Gina K
8 - Kim from My Favorite Things

1 - The Daily Blonde
2 - Mom It Forward
3 - Tip Junkie
4 - Robyn's Online World
5 - Sweetie's Sweeps
6 - An Island Review
7 - Momma in Flip Flops2
8 - MomDot
9 - 5 Minutes for Mom
10 - A Wrestling Addicted Mommy
11 - Sassy Frazz

There's probably more but I look at tons so... that's what you get for now!

TV shows:
1 - Scrubs (and YES! I am sooo glad it's back!!!)
2 - HGTV
3 - Extreme Makeover - Home Edition (amazing things happen on this show! It always ends with me crying!)
4 - Young and the Restless - going on 20 yrs strong!
5 - 24
6 - Prison Break
7 - Samantha Who?

Music -
1 - Kanye West
2 - Jay Z
3 - Matchbox 20
4 - P!nk
5 - Ne-Yo
6 - Rhianna
7 - Jennifer Hudson
8 - Kelly Clarkson
9 - Evanescense
10 - Celine Dion

Yes... my music interests are very diverse & that's just a snippet of CD's I own. I mostly gravitate towards R&B.

Another thing I like a lot:
I don't get it but it happens over & over again.

And I am not weak so I don't understand...

Sometimes I give in but I have been told I am very independent. And when your boyfriend says that to you, it's usually not a good thing!

Oh well...
Well there's some of my interests and faves. Have any to share? maybe you will help me find my next distraction!


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