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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Okay... I am blogging using my T-Mobile Sidekick, and with a HUGE migraine, so please bear with me!!!

I decided I need to post more! I love blogging! I love papercrafting! And I LOVE finding a good bargain (or two!)... and with today's economy, who doesn't???

Yesterday I had a major issue come up and it is still resolved... I hope to get it straightened out today because it is going to mess up the next 2 weeks of our lives, if I do not! Argh! That's why I have the migraine! I didn't have anything to take last night so I took a Unisom sleeping pill just so I could get some rest!!! And I had slept wrong the night before last & messed up my neck (down where it meets my shoulders) so I have been dealing with that pain also.

As I write this, I have just taken some Excedrin migraine (3 of them!!), I put up a dark shower curtain to block the light coming into my room, and I have a cold pack on my head. (The cold pack, by the way, is something I had gotten from Rite Aid awhile was a GREAT deal!!! The inside part - the cold part itself - is clay and can be used hot or cold... it goes into a sleeve which has a strap with velcro on it so you can actually wrap it where u need relief! Which is great!)

Anyway, on to today's topic...
Deals at Rite Aid. I just went 2 my local 24 hr Rite Aid and they had 4 fliers in there that I grabbed:
1 - weekly sales flier
2 - coupon sale flier (save over $260!!!)
3 - Single Check Rebates (164 offers up to $871 rebate value!!!)
4 - Beauty the RITE Way flier - 13 brands with $27 of savings!

So... check it out!!! There's some great deals in those books!!!

Have a blessed day!

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