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Rest of the Cards From May 5th/May 13th  

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Hi everyone! I'm back! My pc had pooped out on me so I was using an older one that was soooo SLOW! So a co-worker of mine hooked it up for me! (It pays to work with the Information Management people!) So... now I'm back to post the rest of the cards I made for Mother's Day and all of the Thank you cards I made for everyone who showed me love and support for my mother's passing in April. Oh, and a card for that special someone in my life, Justin! If you ever read this, I cherish you so!
This is a card I made for Mother's Day. I made 3 similar cards, one for my aunt, one for my brother's girlfriend, and one for my sister. I had to make each one a little different so that if they saw the other's cards, they wouldn't get mad.
Here's another one to the fam:
Here's the thank you cards I made for everyone:
That's it for the Thank you cards, but here's some more Mother's Day/miscellaneous cards I made about this timeframe.

This card above was for my adoptive mother.
Above is a card I made for my aunt and uncle, then I realized that I had already made them one, so now it's extra!
This is a card I made for a good friend of mine - him and his girlfriend of six years just got married on this past Friday! Yay Tom and Lara!!!

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