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Miscellaneous Cards I made May 5th-13th  

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Once again, as promised!

Okay, that's all for now (like that's not enough right?!)... but be on the lookout for the other cards that I made for my friend... I'll be making the last 2 that I need for her, as well as posting the rest of the photos, this weekend. I love 4 day weekends! Happy Memorial Day to one and all!

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Still playing catch up!  

Okay, I'm trying to post all of the cards that I have made in the last month, because I had computer issues! So here's more! I made these on Thursday night and yesterday. These are the cards a friend of mine asked to me to make her so I made 8 already (I don't think I uploaded all of the pics yet though) and have 2 left!

Yup, going through my cell phone photo album, I didn't take pics of the ones I made yesterday, so I'll take those later and upload them later or tomorrow! After this, I am posting the other miscellaneous cards that I made around the May 5th/13th timeframe.

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Thank you cards from May 13th Timeframe  

As promised!

Alright, so that's it for this installment... I usually post the insides of the cards too but I'm not doing it this time. You can always check out my gallery on SCS- I haven't posted these cards there yet but I probably will soon! But... one or two more posts coming because I have to catch up! Toodles! Angie

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Let's Try this again... Mother's Day cards from May 5th/May 13th timeframe  

Hello everyone! I'll tell you what! I was updating my blog the other night, Thursday to be exact, and the Autosave function failed and I lost everything I had put up there so this time I'm separating the posts according to category! Man, that stunk! I had like 12 cards uploaded! So here's the Mother's Day cards I made this year...I made all card with the same inside:
I'll be posting the Thank You cards I made right after this. Have a blessed day!

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Rest of the Cards From May 5th/May 13th  

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Hi everyone! I'm back! My pc had pooped out on me so I was using an older one that was soooo SLOW! So a co-worker of mine hooked it up for me! (It pays to work with the Information Management people!) So... now I'm back to post the rest of the cards I made for Mother's Day and all of the Thank you cards I made for everyone who showed me love and support for my mother's passing in April. Oh, and a card for that special someone in my life, Justin! If you ever read this, I cherish you so!
This is a card I made for Mother's Day. I made 3 similar cards, one for my aunt, one for my brother's girlfriend, and one for my sister. I had to make each one a little different so that if they saw the other's cards, they wouldn't get mad.
Here's another one to the fam:
Here's the thank you cards I made for everyone:
That's it for the Thank you cards, but here's some more Mother's Day/miscellaneous cards I made about this timeframe.

This card above was for my adoptive mother.
Above is a card I made for my aunt and uncle, then I realized that I had already made them one, so now it's extra!
This is a card I made for a good friend of mine - him and his girlfriend of six years just got married on this past Friday! Yay Tom and Lara!!!

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Cards from May 5th, 2007  

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Hello everyone! Since my Mom passed, I hadn't made any cards but I had to make a couple of thank you cards for people, so once I got started, I couldn't stop LOL! I made 11 cards in about 3 hours last night, and here they are for your viewing pleasure! Eventually I'll upload them to SCS but I don't know when!

This is the a card I'm sending to my Aunt and Uncle in Washington State.

This is the inside of the card pictured above.

Since I made a card using this cardstock, I decided to make a Thank You card that is very similar (same layout as the other one). I am not too much into flowers on cards but I see everyone doing them, so when SU had their last sale, I got this set too!

Here's the inside of the Thank You card.

Okay, now I'm having issues uploading the rest of my cards so check back later on this week to see the rest! I have some things that I need to get done anyway!

Have a blessed week everyone!



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