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Del Monte® Fruit Naturals®: Coupon coming from Vocalpoint  

Saturday, September 10, 2011

I just got an email from Vocalpoint about a Buy One, Get One FREE Coupon* for Del Monte Fruit Naturals.

They asked me to share the details with my readers, so here's the info for you!

Del Monte® Fruit Naturals® cups are packed in 100% fruit juice instead of sugary syrup, so you will want to drink every last drop.
Utilize Vocalpoint's downloadable buy-one-get-one-FREE coupon* offer so your friends can get in on the sweet deal. 

*Must be a Vocalpoint member. Limited quantities available. Each member is able to download only one coupon. This offer is only available in certain areas.
Should you choose to share this, please let others know you received a BOGO coupon from Vocalpoint and be factual with the information you share. For more information, review the Vocalpoint Consumer Guidelines at

Disclaimer: I was asked by Vocalpoint to share this info with my readers. I will receive coupons in exchange for my assistance.

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