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Del Monte® Fruit Naturals®: Coupon coming from Vocalpoint  

Saturday, September 10, 2011

I just got an email from Vocalpoint about a Buy One, Get One FREE Coupon* for Del Monte Fruit Naturals.

They asked me to share the details with my readers, so here's the info for you!

Del Monte® Fruit Naturals® cups are packed in 100% fruit juice instead of sugary syrup, so you will want to drink every last drop.
Utilize Vocalpoint's downloadable buy-one-get-one-FREE coupon* offer so your friends can get in on the sweet deal. 

*Must be a Vocalpoint member. Limited quantities available. Each member is able to download only one coupon. This offer is only available in certain areas.
Should you choose to share this, please let others know you received a BOGO coupon from Vocalpoint and be factual with the information you share. For more information, review the Vocalpoint Consumer Guidelines at

Disclaimer: I was asked by Vocalpoint to share this info with my readers. I will receive coupons in exchange for my assistance.

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I'm a Verizon FiOS Team Member!  

As part of my return to blogging, I'm here to announce to you that I was selected to be part of the Verizon FiOS Test Drive Team!

I'm super thrilled about being a part of this campaign, as the fiber lines had just begun being installed at the last residence I had, which is in another county. Not too long before this campaign launched, I had just relocated! Lucky for us, eh?

My children and I have had satellite service for the last 6-8 years, and I was also eager to see what the difference was between FiOS and satellite.

I've had the service for a little over a month now, so I've gotten pretty accustomed to the service. Now, the channels - that's another story! I'm still learning those, because there are SO MANY! I have set up my multi-room DVR to record some of my favorite shows (The Young and the Restless, Ghost Hunters, and Weeds, just to name a few!)

A feature that I really like comes in real handy since I do use the DVR and I may not want my children to see what I don't approve of: Parental Controls, a must have for any home. I have set up Parental Controls for the TV Channels, as well as On Demand, which is another nice feature. (My daughter hates that I have that on too, because she's always looking for things to watch in the Free Kids Section on On Demand!)

Another feature that I was really drawn to when I first heard about the Verizon FiOS service, is the widgets. If any of you reading this follow me on Twitter or on Facebook, you know that I like to share! I love social media, so these widgets are another feature that I love (but have to delve into more!)

There are all kinds of widgets that you can utilize on the menu: Sports, Social Networking, News and Info, Games, Shopping, and Music & Video. I set up my YouTube account on the widget, but so far, haven't set up any others.

Another thing that I like about FiOS is the picture. Even though the TV I'm currently using is small, the picture is sharp and clear. I have many HD channels, and I prefer to watch my local news on the HD Channels.

So far, Verizon FiOS is only available in certain parts of the country, so before you order, or would like to check out the features, please check the availability of Verizon FiOS.

I wrote this review while participating in a Test Drive campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Verizon FiOS and received a free trial of the products and services necessary to facilitate my review.

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