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Review: Duncan Hines Decadent Cake and Amazing Glaze  

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I know you might be surprised when I say this: (but honestly, if you pay attention on this blog - you should remember this!) 

I'm not a big cake eater. I don't even eat sweets that much. When I do, they're my indulgence. Granted, I'm a mom so I usually have some type of sweet around in the house, but I don't always partake in them.

Regardless, I was recently given an opportunity to review Duncan Hines Decadent Cakes and Glazes recently, so I figured I'd check them out. I do like to make a cake or brownie for a weekend meal, so I knew these would come in handy.

Here's some info about these great new products:

Duncan Hines®, the well recognized brand that has been helping families create delicious memories for 60 years, introduces the latest breakthrough in deliciousness at the baking aisle – Decadent Cakes and Glazes. Only Duncan Hines now offers the most premium, indulgent cakes that one can find outside of a bakery. Duncan Hines new Decadent Cake Line with two new incredibly indulgent offerings – Duncan Hines Decadent Triple Chocolate Cake with real chocolate chunks and rich fudge and Duncan Hines Decadent Apple Caramel cake with real apples and rich caramel. With more people entertaining at home and looking for better quality desserts, these decadent cakes are perfect. Both cakes contain zero grams of trans fat and NO hydrogenated oils. They are available in cake baking section of supermarkets nationwide in 20 oz size boxes at a SRP of $2.99.

Simultaneously, Duncan Hines launches Decadent Glazes, a one of a kind glaze designed to elevate the baking experience with a whole new way to top your desserts. Available in Chocolate and Vanilla, Decadent Glazes help home chefs create spectacular desserts with professional results. Only Duncan Hines offers this versatile topping to complement your baked goods or any dessert with a touch of sweetness and flavor. What separates Decadent Glazes from frosting is they are not as heavy or sweet as frosting and are convenient to use. These glazes are available in a 10 ounce squeeze bottle at an SRP of $2.49.

I received the Apple Caramel Decadent Cake and the Triple Chocolate Cake Mix, as well as both the Vanilla and Chocolate Amazing Glazes.

Since I wanted to try them both at once, I decided to Glaze the Apple Caramel Decadent Cake with the Vanilla Amazing Glaze.

I got out all of my items for my prep of the cake, and began mixing my ingredients.

Do you SEE those chunks?! They don't disappear... Just watch!

See?! I told you! Above is the cake batter after everything was all mixed together.

This is the caramel sauce that I had to swirl into the batter.

All ready to go into the oven!

Finished product after glazing. The glaze was super easy - just heat in the microwave, shake, then pour over cake. Yum!

I was disappointed because the Bundt cake pan that I used isn't so non-stick anymore, so my cake come out in a couple of pieces. Oh well! It was still edible!

As I showed above, there was CHUNKS of apples in this cake and in my personal opinion, this made the cake better! I love apples and this cake was delicious!

I'm saving the chocolate cake for Thanksgiving when I go visit my friend and her family. I'll post some pictures then!

My children and I loved this cake - it was gone within three days! I honestly only had two pieces! They loved it and I'm sure we'll love the chocolate cake as well!

Have you tried these cakes or glazes? What are your thoughts?

Disclaimer: This post was written for Family Review Network & Duncan Hines who provided the complimentary product for review in exchange for my honest opinions.

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