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Help Stuff a Soldier's Stocking Event - Happening NOW!  

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Remember when about a month ago, I shared the Help Stuff a Soldier's Stocking Event with you?
I'm a government contractor and in my most recent role (the one I'm performing now) I actually work with a couple of soldiers and the organization I work for actually supports the troops out there protecting us. 
That's right.
We just don't realize how lucky we have it. These men and women enlist and serve their time for their country, to help make sure their family and friends (US!) are safe.
Not only do they put themselves in harm's way for us, but they make the ultimate sacrifice to be away from their families while they fight for our freedom. When they come home, chances are that every two years their lives will be uprooted and they'll move.
Every two years.
Can you imagine?
I personally don't have much to help with to be able to help anyone besides myself and my children... Although I wish I could do more. 
And that's why I'm involved in the Help Stuff a Soldier's Stocking Event. Peggy asked me to get involved and although I can't do much, I wanted to be a part of this, just to do something. Peggy always enters my giveaways and I love her blog also! She's been one of the sweetest people out there since I started blogging and she's a good friend, although we don't talk much.
I want YOU to get involved!!! Here's how:
Donate $1 to this event and get FIVE EXTRA ENTRIES!!! (click the button below to donate through PayPal - easy peasy!)


Please also add this button to your blog:


Here's what Peggy's posted so far that you can win:

Be on the lookout for some giveaways here that Peggy donated for the cause! Tell your friends!

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