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Review: Carabba's Italian Grill  

Sunday, October 31, 2010

About a month or so ago, my family and I were treated to Carabba's Italian Grill by MS&L.

We were sent a $25 gift voucher to purchase our meal. Of course, I took my camera, but I was so busy enjoying my food that I forgot to take any photos.

I took my son, my daughter, and my boyfriend to our local Carabba's in Baltimore County. Here's what we ate:

Appetizer: Lobster Mac & Cheese
My entree: Seafood Cannelloni
My boyfriend's entree: Mezzaluna
My son's entree: Manicotti
My daughter's food: Cheese Pizza

I personally LOVED my Cannelloni! I LOVE seafood and I love Pasta so for me, it was the best of both worlds! My boyfriend's Mezzaluna was great too and I actually wished that I had gotten that, so next time, I will! I talked my son into trying the Manicotti since he was just going to get pizza. I told him, "Every time you go somewhere to eat, you have to try something new that you haven't tried before." So I talked him into trying that, and he loved it.

We all loved the Lobster Mac and cheese and the bread they bring you before your food arrives! They give you a little plate with spices on it and then they add in some Extra Virgin Olive Oil and you dip the bread in that. I can't remember all of the spices due to the length of time it's been since we visited, but I'm telling you, I left there soo full!

Not only was our food delicious, but the atmosphere at the restaurant was great. It's very classy, with great prices, and the servers are all very knowledgeable. Our server made sure to explain things to us and he answered any questions we had.

I really enjoyed my time at Carabba's and I will visit there again soon! Italian food is my favorite type of food and I love Carabba's! YUM!

I felt like splurging a little when we went there so I had to use some of my own funds for dinner, but I know the general prices of Italian food and I truly believe that you get what you pay for. Including our appetizer and dinner, our food was under $50 so to me, that's a deal!

Have you tried Carabba's? Do you love it like I do?

Disclaimer: I was sent a gift voucher to visit my local Carabba's to perform this review. The opinions expressed above are solely my own and yours may differ. Receiving a product will NEVER influence what I write in any review.

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