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Review: Shout® laundry stain removers  

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I work with the Growing Tree Toys blog network and on behalf of them, I was selected to do a review of Shout® laundry stain removers.

I also want to share with you an initiative by Shout® called Go Play. Go Play is all about encouraging kids and parents to get outside and play. Play is fundamental to positive cognitive development; it’s how kids solve problems; how they develop coping skills and master the art of conflict resolution. It’s how they become happy, healthy adults. We invite you to blog about your memories of play; how you get your kids outdoors to play; what they love to do while playing outdoors; and what you believe are some of the most rewarding benefits of play.

There's a sweepstakes that you can enter to win in conjunction with this initiative: Go Play sweepstakes begins August 16th. The sweepstakes will partner with Growing Tree Toys to award a $200 gift card each week for four weeks as well as reward one grand prize winner with a brand new play set from Rainbow Play Systems Inc. Please be sure to tell your readers about this amazing opportunity! To enter, visit the Shout Facebook page.

Now, for my review.

I remember being a kid and my mom used Shout® on our clothes, and now that I have children, I use it too. It works great, and I love it! I received three items from Shout to review and test out.

Shout Trigger Stain Remover

Shout® Trigger is formulated with powerful stain-fighting ingredients and enzymes to quickly penetrate, break up, and remove tough stains. Don't let spills and stains ruin your day - Shout® has you covered!

Product Features:
• Triple acting formula:
        1) Clings 2) Penetrates 3) Lifts away stains.
• Convenient trigger dispenser lets you treat stains quickly and easily.
• Safe for all colorfast washables.
• Works in all water temperatures.

My thoughts: 

I use this almost daily because my daughter always manages to get everything she eats on her clothes! She might get it from me, because today I spilled coffee on my white shirt (as soon as I got out of my car at work too!) 

 Shout Advanced Ultra Gel

Combines powerful Shout® stain fighters in a thick gel formula with a convenient stain-lifting brush to penetrate and remove your toughest stains. Rubbing Shout® stain fighters directly into a stain while pre-treating is the best way to remove a stain. The convenient stain-lifting brush makes this job easy!

Product Features:
• Thick gel formula concentrates stain-lifting power
directly onto the stain.
• Built-in brush makes treating stains easy.
• Lets you treat stains now and wash up to a week later.
• Safe for all colorfast washables.
• Works in all water temperatures.

My thoughts:

This works great for any type of stain, but I especially like it for tennis shoes! I recently got some grass stain on my new Nike's and I used this to get it out before I washed my tennis shoes! They're not leather, so I don't think I'd recommend it for those types of shoes, but for canvas-type shoes and regular clothes, this stuff works great! Plus, I love that you can brush it in and not worry about it until you wash clothes again - even up to a week later!

The last item I got to try was the Shout® Color Catcher®. I have seen this in the store and I've been wanting to try it for some time!  I love it! 

Nobody wants dyes bleeding onto other items of clothing in the laundry. Shout® Color Catcher® sheets absorb and trap loose dyes in your wash water, safeguarding your clothes from color bleeds and helping to preserve original colors. Use Shout® Color Catcher® sheets in every load to keep clothes looking vibrant and bright!

Product Features:
• Sheets lock up loose dyes found in the wash water to prevent dyes from running or bleeding onto other clothes.
• The proof is on the sheet-each sheet changes color as it absorbs these loose dyes.
• Helps save you time by reducing the need for sorting.
• Helps save you money by reducing the need for half-size loads. 

Note: Effectiveness not guaranteed if large amounts of dye bleed from non-colorfast garments. Use reasonable care when washing whites with colors and when washing new garments for the first time.

My thoughts:

The sheets are great for those times when you only have a load but it's not enough to split up your whites and your colors. I've used it a few times and it's awesome! You should see the sheet when it comes out of the wash! I've been needing this product for awhile and I'm glad it is finally available!

I've always been a Shout® fan and I still am! Maybe I'll help you be one too?

Hurry and enter the Go Play sweepstakes too, wouldja? I still see you!

Disclaimer: I was sent the products above on behalf of Growing Tree Toys  to facilitate in this review. The opinions expressed above are solely my own and yours may differ. Receiving a product will NEVER influence what I write in any review.

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