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I'm All In - City of Hope Campaign  

Thursday, August 5, 2010

I was hoping to be going to BlogHer tomorrow and this weekend, but due to personal issues and lack of planning, I am not going to be there this year. (again) (sigh)

If I had gone, I could have worn that cool button (above) and passed out those cool business cards (also above) about the "I'm All In" campaign that I am participating in.

It's all good! I have a couple of places to go this weekend so I'm sure I'll be able to pass out the business cards and spread the word about City of Hope!

I wanted to be a part of this campaign because I've been touched by cancer in my life (both personal and family members) more than once, and I'd love to live to see a cure for ALL cancers. I want my grandkids to ask me what cancer is! I want it GONE! That's why I'm All In!

Did You Know?

Each year, more than 290,000 women will be diagnosed with breast and gynecological cancers and more than 67,000 will pass away from these all-too-prevalent cancers.  

About City of Hope:

By lending support to pioneering cancer research and treatment centers such as City of Hope and its women's cancers initiative, we can contribute to breakthroughs in prevention, treatment and survivorship, demonstrating that we're "all in," together.

Based in California, City of Hope's research advances cancer care globally.  City of Hope experts know that fighting one women's cancer at a time is not enough – that's why they've taken a unique, multidisciplinary approach to improve treatment and survivorship for women with breast and gynecological cancers.  Simply put, the City of Hope women's cancers program aims to help women live longer, better lives, through compassionate care.

There's more!

Stay tuned for an interview or a personal story before the end of this Campaign!

Connect with City of Hope on Twitter: @cityofhope and on Facebook.

I'm All In! Are you?

Disclaimer: I wrote this review while participating in a blogger campaign by Mom Central on behalf of City of Hope and received a $30 Sephora gift card and a $30 donation in my name to City of Hope to facilitate my review.”

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