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I have good news: I got a job!  

Sunday, August 15, 2010

This post is a little bit overdue since I started my job last Tuesday. Some of you may have seen it on Facebook or on Twitter and I meant to post here that I had finally found a job, but between doing paperwork to start my job and all the other things I had to do to prepare for that, I just didn't make that post happen.

If you know anything about me, you know that I have worked as a Government Contractor in various capacities for the past ten years. It's the type of work that I prefer to do, simply because I don't have a college degree (YET) and it's the best money you can make around here, aside from working for the Government.

I was actually contacted for this job and I did the first interview and they called me back for the second about a week and a half later. I found out that afternoon that I got the job. I'm working with L-3 but employed through a recruiter. I have two bosses: one here in Maryland who works for the Government and one in New Jersey who works for L-3.

I haven't worked much because when you work for the government you have to go through all of these steps to even get on their computer network so since I haven't been up there working for 5 months, I have to do all of that stuff again. L-3 sent me a laptop but still, there's not much I can do.

So far, it's good. It's quiet there but in November when people start moving down from NJ (because of BRAC), then I'll be busier.

Cool part? I get to go to NJ a few times in the next month to travel. And I get paid for it!


Thanks for all of your support and prayers while I was out of work! I truly know who my real friends and supporters are!

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