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DOLE Smoothie Party winners announced  

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The other day I pulled winners and since my comments don't number, it's always fun to pick winners when I have alot of comments. Of course, the DOLE giveaway had 196 comments and my network went out while I was printing comments for all of the giveaways that had ended. (OF course, right?!) And for some reason, since it's a wireless printer, even though the network was restarted and the printer was restarted (MULTIPLE times actually!) the pages didn't print until yesterday FINALLY.


Anyway, so here are the winners of the DOLE coupons for FREE fruit!

#42 - Sarah of PSMomReviews
#182 - Kathy Pease
#157 - Erica C.
#144 - Paula Michelle
#45 - Elizabeth C.
#53 - fdigsby
#17 - @desmoinesdealin 
#146 - Janice
#194 - 07violet
#2 - Mel4Him

I will be contacting you all via email momentarily. Congratulations! Thanks for entering!

*The winners of the other giveaways that ended a couple of days ago will be drawn today also. Stay tuned!

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