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I've been chosen as a Free Ride Games Ambassador  

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Have you heard of Free Ride Games? If not - you have now! I was recently asked to be an ambassador for them, although I'm not sure why since I'm not a HUGE gamer - but it's super cool to be chosen!

I'm not as much as a gamer as I used to be but I play The Sims 3 at least once a week! I also play Mafia Wars on Facebook daily! (I'm hooked!)  I love Mahjohngg too! I used to play games on but right now I can't afford to pay for any games so Free Ride Games is the perfect solution!

Here's a post announcing the Free Ride Ambassadors. Please take a minute to check us out!

About Free Ride Games:

  • Free Ride Games is an online gaming destination site that invites consumers to download and play more than 200 games for as long as they want for free, without having to upgrade to a “premium” service.  Exent, the leading distributor of online downloadable video games, launched Free Ride Games in October 2008 and it remains the only Web site of its kind.

  • Free Ride Games hosts a variety of games ranging from Hidden Object, Match Three, Time Management and puzzle to arcade, card and sports.  Its most popular titles are the famous Jewel Quest series, Diner Dash series, Wedding Dash series, Cake Mania series, Build a Lot series and other great games. 

  • Free Ride Games is more than simply a downloadable gaming Web site.  Our patented GameSkin™ technology, which allows us to place ads around full-screen games, includes unique InGame features that allow players to chat, get game tips and search the Web, all within a full screen environment. The games are automatically paused during these activities to minimize the interruption to game play.

  • In December 2009, Free Ride Games introduced six content-specific channels including beauty & fashion, food, pets, green, travel and home & neighborhood, to enable players to more naturally find games and additional content that match their specific interests.  In addition to games, these channels host channel-specific interactive videos, fun facts and links to related external content.

  • In January 2010, Exent introduced the first in a new series of games on Free Ride Games called “U-Pic,” into which players can insert their own photos and images.  The games can then be shared with others via email or Facebook – a gaming industry first.

  • More than 2.1 million people visit Free Ride Games every month, many of whom are frequent repeat users.

  • The average game session on Free Ride Games is 45 minutes and the average user plays for 9 hours per month.

  • 74 percent of Free Ride Games’ clientele are women, predominantly between the ages of 24 and 54.

  • Publishers whose games are hosted on Free Ride Games are paid for every minute that their games are played, unleashing the ‘long tail’ revenue potential of online gaming.

  • Through our patented GameSkin and AdMuse technologies, FreeRideGames provides a superior “leaning forward” advertising environment for marketers giving them unfettered access to our audience of 2.1 million 25-54 year women during their nearly 45 minute of game play per session. 

P.S. My current fave Free Ride Game, the classic Press Your Luck, is featured on the Free Ride Games Homepage with a "Ambassador pick" banner over it! Super cool, huh?!

Disclaimer: I am not receiving any compensation for being a Free Ride Games Ambassador, but I do get access to special content, am able to host giveaways, and reviewing new games. 

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