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Winners: Mom Works Beyond Giveaway  

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Good afternoon!

After a long, thoughtful decision, I have settled on who I think should be nominated for the Mom Works Beyond giveaway!

I chose the following entry, submitted by Judith VanAlphen:

In 2006, I retired from a 30 yr career. I was looking to a life of leisure. My daughters were grown, married and a families of their own. In early Oct my youngest called, in hysteria, her 2 yr old was in the emergency room having a grand mal seizure. These seizures continued to occur daily and I left my leisure life and move 3000 miles to help. My daughter not only had this child but 4 others under 8. This little boy needed to have hands on, all day and night. And the stress on the family was tremendous. My daughter, now, had one more adult to relive her. We followed a regimen of meds, nutritional therapy, and chiropractic medicine and 4 yrs later he is seizure free and I moved out to live my life of leisure.
2 months later, this same daughter announced she was having #6. This yet to be born baby girl has a heart arrhythmia and suspicious amniotic fluid. We are all holding our breath until she is born. (Any day now) If this little girl needs more care then my daughter can handle, (along with 5 other kids), I will again leave my life of leisure.
Why? Because that's what Mom's do.

Please know that I enjoyed reading all of your comments, and that this was a hard decision for me, but this particular entry above made me cry from the moment that I started reading it.

I've had a rough time being a mother and I know all about making sacrifices for the sake of the children. Some of us have it easier than others and we should all be lifting each other up! Please lift Judith and her family up in your prayers and wish her luck!

Judith will be entered into the grand prize giveaway, who will receive one year’s worth of free Aquafresh product and a $500 Walmart shopping spree** and the honor of having her story showcased on the Aquafresh Facebook fan page. The Aquafresh creative team will choose the grand prize winner by July 7th!

**12 coupons of Aquafresh iso-active Whitening Toothpaste.  $500 Walmart gift card


On another note, FOUR more of you are winners! Two of you have won a coupon for a free tube of Aquafresh Iso-Active Whitening Toothpaste and two of you have won a box of Aquafresh White Trays.

The winners of the Iso-Active Whitening Toothpaste are:



As a mother, I had to do things many mothers don't. My son had a stroke at birth. I remember teaching my son to smile. I remember the first time he laughed at something funny on a video he was watching. I have watched him struggle to learn to tie his shoes, get it mastered, only to completely forget how to do it, three years later. He had to relearn it all over again. I have seen him work so hard all his life to learn things we take for granted. He worked so hard at school, it even drove his blood pressure sky high, from the stress. My proudest moment was getting to watch him graduate. I have been his mom,advocate, and his biggest supporter. It was worth the effort.

#1: sohamolina

I’d like to believe that I go above and beyond as a mom by staying very active in my daughter’s school. I volunteer for activities, I participate in all events and help out in class. I am a PTA member and in general, very visible.

 The winners of the Whitening Trays are:

#4: fdigsby

I have strived to instill a love of reading in my children. I did not want them to miss out on the great experience of escaping in great books. Every time I see them pick up a book and read on there own I am inspired and happy!



Having my son as a single mom was hard. I had my mom and sister with me while I was in labor but I knew in my heart it wasn't the same. But I still endured and still do endure and my son is the better for it.

Congratulations to all of you and thank you to everyone who entered, for sharing your experience with us!

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