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Review: Unilever Deodorant  

Friday, May 21, 2010

I've been a mom for almost half of my life. (Crazy, isn't it?!) It's funny how in this "job", as in any other job, you learn with experience. My oldest children are teens already - 15 going on 16, and 13 going on 14. Then there's my "baby", who's 11.

I think the first time I bought her deodorant was when she was 8. I'm not sure if it was because she had some odor, or just because I had learned by doing - whatever the case may be, she's had deodorant for awhile now.

We've tried pretty much every deodorant out there. I'm partial to Degree deodorant, and that's the kind I prefer for her too.

Mom Central sent us some Degree Girl deodorant in the Friends Forever scent, which I hadn't bought for her previously. I had wanted to, but we have a semi-stockpile of deodorant around here! She was excited to get to try this kind (finally!) and loves it! She loves the scent and how it peforms.

Screenshot of Don't Fret The Sweat, where you can find the perfect deodorant for your child.

You may wonder how I know that she likes how it performs. Just because she's not an adult doesn't mean that she doesn't know when a deodorant is not working for her! She has complained to me in the past about other deodorants not keeping her dry, that melt on her, etc.

It's hard enough to be a kid - especially a tween - so I'm doing what I can to make her life easier for her. Do you remember what it was like to be a kid? What about when you were coming into puberty and your body was changing? I remember not being able to do anything - shaving, wear deodorant, nothing - until my mom said I could. It was frustrating and embarrassing! I definitely am not going to do that to my children!

I wish that Don't Fret the Sweat was around back then, because I would have pointed my mom to read the Expert Advice on the site. There's one article that stood out to me the most while I was browsing the advice column, and that's "Let's Talk About Tweens" by Rosalind Wiseman. The article talks about how important it is to give your child guidance, and how to help them gain confidence. It's a great article, and I hope that you'll take a few minutes to check it out.

Don't forget to grab your coupons for deodorant, while you're there!

Disclaimer: I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Unilever and received the items necessary to facilitate my review. In addition, Mom Central sent me a gift card to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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