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Friday, May 7, 2010

I'm all about setting goals and seeing them come to fruition. But, I'm only human and sometimes I need a kick in the butt to help me remember - to keep me on track.

I was recently introduced to and I have to say, it's been interesting to see what I've set for myself and be held accountable for what I'm supposed to do. Mindbloom is a Life Game that helps you grow the life YOU want.

When you first set up your account with Mindbloom, you are walked through the set up (which is very easy!) and at the end, you set up a "tree", where you set up your first three most important areas you need to work on.

For my first three, I chose "Relationships", "Career", and "Money". I am recently out of work and using Mindbloom is helping me accountable for my job search - or lack thereof. My money situation ties in with career, but it also reminds me to make phone calls that are detrimental to my current money situation (and not the one that I might have in the future). As for my relationships, I sometimes take the people in my life for granted and we are all busy people, so I'm making more of a conscience effort to catch up with my children, in the car ride home, and at dinnertime. Another thing I just noticed today while I was browsing my actions, is that in every leaf, there is a resource section, which links to a document with tips. For example, for my Relationship leaf, there was a link to a resource on Active Listening.

Every day, I get an email from Mindbloom, which serves as my reminder to go to the site and click on that date that I did the thing I said I was going to do (that's the being held accountable part) and in return, I earn seeds and blooms that I can use towards adding more items that I want to improve on in my life.

Another feature that I like is that I can invite friends to join me in this journey, and by doing so, we can support each other. So far, I haven't added any friends but if you'd like to join me, let me know in the comments (with an email address) and I'll invite you!

You can share your items in Mindbloom on Facebook, which is really cool! You can also add your own photos to your tree, and write in a journal. Everything you do earns you seeds, so you also get a reward.

I love Mindbloom, and I hope to soon have a full tree with TONS of branches and actions, which will help me get my life and my personal relationships back on track! I'm proud to be involved in this project, and I encourage you to join Mindbloom and Grow the Life YOU want!

Disclaimer: I was sent a gift card from to facilitate in the review of The opinions stated above are my own. Receiving a payment for a review will NEVER influence what I write in a post.

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