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People imitate bloggers to get free stuff  

Sunday, May 16, 2010

I just read something that my blogging buddy Brandy Ellen at Happily Blended posted about bloggers having people impersonate them to get free products. Her post stemmed from a post at MomDot: Bloggers, is someone using your name to get products?

First of all, I am shocked. Second of all, I hope no one would ever try to do this to me because I WILL do what I can do to get the imposter(s) brought to justice. Please believe that!

I am hoping to get my blog updated soon to include an About Me page but I do have a "Request a Review" tab that points people to what types of items we like in my household, as well as a link to my email address.

I hope that this doesn't happen to any of you bloggers out there and if it does, that you quickly seek legal action and get some relief!

Please spread the word about this sickening topic!

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