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Review and Giveaway: Seventh Generation cleaning products  

Friday, April 16, 2010

I always want to buy more "green items" for cleaning the house but I don't always do so. Since I buy most things only if I have a coupon, and most green cleaners don't have coupons.

MyBlogSpark recently sent me a great cleaning package, complete with a cleaning caddy, 2 rolls of recycled paper towels, Seventh Generation Bathroom Cleaner, Seventh Generation Disinfecting Multi-purpose Cleaner, wipes, and a copy of The Conscious Kitchen.

These items arrived just in time too - right when I was moving out of my townhouse and had to clean up as I packed. I've heard that recycled paper towels cleaned better than regular paper towels, and I have to agree! I saw no streaks on the windows or mirrors that I cleaned!

About Seventh Generation:

Leading the "responsible cleaning" charge for the past twenty years, Seventh Generation has tapped into the disinfecting power of the herb thyme, to introduce an EPA registered line of disinfecting sprays and wipes that kill germs* naturally! The new line of botanical disinfectant cleaners includes a multi-surface cleaning spray, bathroom cleaning spray and wipes.

The disinfectants contain thymol, a component of the herb thyme, and can be used on hard surfaces including counter tops, plastic cutting boards, highchair trays as well as children´s toys. Best of all, they kill over 99.99 percent of germs* naturally and are effective against the Influenza A Virus, including H1N1.

Seventh Generation has partnered with eco-lifestyle consultant and author, Alexandra Zissu, whose new book, The Conscious Kitchen, discusses what´s good for your health, what´s good for the planet and what tastes great. Her book also includes great tips on maintaining a green and healthy kitchen, including:

  • Change is Good
    Choosing cleaning products without indoor air pollutants like volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, is a simple and effective way to reduce your indoor air pollution. If you´re not prepared to switch everything overnight, start by swapping out the one product you use the most, and moving forward from there.
  • Think before you spray
    Residues from cleaning products can last on a surface for longer than we we´d like to know and travel to areas that we sometimes don´t intend them to. Don´t contaminate your food by prepping it on a surface that may contain harsh chemical residues - rinse cleaning products from food preparation surfaces carefully or use botanical disinfecting cleaners that do not require a rinse step.
  • Home is Where the Clean Is
    Your standard cleaners are good for removing soils and dirt from kitchen surfaces, but to tackle germs you need a cleaner that is effective against microbes like bacteria and viruses. Many cleaners contain ingredients that have antimicrobial properties such as vinegar or hydrogen peroxide, but the germ killing power of these is not necessarily guaranteed. To be sure you are killing germs, use an EPA registered disinfectant. Seventh Generation tapped into the disinfecting power of the common garden herb thyme, to provide a disinfecting cleaner that kills germs* naturally.

  • Make the Old New Again
    Think twice about the items that you´re using to clean and dry your kitchen equipment and dishes. Use rags (like old t-shirts and washcloths) instead of paper towels. If you aren´t prepared to kick your paper towel addiction just yet, use only recycled versions that are unbleached or haven´t been whitened with chemicals containing chlorine and see how long you can make a roll last.

  • The Writing is on the ... Sponge
    Be sure to read the fine print on sponges and only purchase those that do not contain antimicrobial pesticides. Remember to store sponges in a dry place and frequently clean them by popping plastic sponges wet in a microwave for two minutes or boiling sponges for three minutes in water.
  • Mom Was Right, Wash Your Hands
    Wash your hands with soap and water before and after prepping food, and always before eating. So much of what can be potentially harmful in a kitchen can be reduced by this simple act that doesn't require any harsh chemicals whatsoever.

These products cleaned very well! I was definitely impressed!


MyBlogSpark wants to give one lucky reader a package just like the one I received! 

To enter, tell me if you know how many hazardous chemicals are in the average American home? 

For extra entries, please view my Giveaway Rules, updated 2/2/10.

This giveaway will end on 4/30. Winner will be announced here and emailed, so please be sure to leave your email address in your entry!

Thanks for entering, and good luck!

Disclaimer: Seventh Generation products, information and additional prize pack to give away were all given to you from Seventh Generation through MyBlogSpark. The opinions expressed above are solely my own and yours may differ. Receiving a product will NEVER influence what I write in any review.

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