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I'm a Buzzmama  

Monday, April 26, 2010

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I've been accepted as a Buzzmama! "What's a Buzzmama?" you say? 
Buzzmama is a new program from Mabel's Labels! Basically, I talk about Mabel's 
Labels to my friends, family, other moms, playgroup members, and whomever else 
I feel like! I have pamphlets and coupons that I can pass out to anyone who 
is interested, and I get free stuff from Mabel's just for talking (buzzing!) 
about them! 
I just received my Welcome Kit a few days ago and I LOVE it! I received the 
following items:

  • Baby-sitter note pads

  • Grocery lists

  • Post-it notes

  • Pens

  • A Reusable cloth grocery bag 

  • A Coupon booklet that I pass along to all of the people I buzz! 
Cool huh?!
Disclaimer: As stated above, I am part of a program through Mabel's Labels called "Buzzmama" and I receive free products in exchange for spreading the word about their products.


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