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Winners: McCormick Spices and LadybugsNButterflies  

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

UPDATED for 2nd McCormick winner - because - well, I'm kind of out of it as of late!

Because I love you all each as I love my family, and I know you are sitting with bated breath, waiting to find out if you won a giveaway, I'm taking time out of my hectic and busy life to post some winners today!

Congratulations to the following winners of the following items!

McCormick Spice Giveaway - Cindy, aka @getalonghome AND Peggy Gorman, who always wins here because she always enters!

LadybugsNButterflies Giveaway - Mframe

Congrats ladies! I'm busy today so I'm going to tweet you and let you know you've won!

Thanks to everyone who entered!

And don't forget - the mirra giveaway ends today and check out the other giveaways on my left sidebar!

Have a blessed day!

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