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The time has come to say goodbye.... to my Stalker!!!  

Friday, March 26, 2010

Oh my... where do I start?! I had to start a new blog called I Attract Stalkers. See, I have this sister, who reads my tweets when they're unprotected and she goes to my blog. She's been blocked from seeing my Tweets and from my blog, so to see my blog she logs out of Twitter, and goes to my blog from the links there.

We don't speak - she doesn't like how I told her how she's selfish and uncaring because she never returns my phone calls (even when I was in the hospital). So we go at it every now and then.

(I guess I'm just supposed to accept how someone treats me instead of speaking my mind.)

Well, I got her IP from my statcounter software and saw that she visits my blog quite regularly. So after emailing her again yesterday to stay off of my blog, I decided the easiest way to keep her off of my blog is to create a private blog for my personal posts, until I can get my own domain and hosting.

If you want to be invited to read this other blog, shoot me an email.

Reviews and giveaways will remain on this blog. Wordless Wednesday and all personal posts will go to I Attract Stalkers.

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