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Review: Scene It? 80s  

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

One of my really good friends is totally into the 80s scene - you know, the big hair, the synthesizer music, etc., and I usually take every opportunity to make fun of him for that! But one day, while browsing the Deal of The Day, I saw that Scene It? 80s was their daily deal, and even though I can't remember the EXACT price, I know it was really cheap (or my frugal self wouldn't have bought it!)

At first, when he asked me to play this game with him, I declined, but he pretty much talked me into it! Guess what? We have played this game 4 times so far and I have won each time! I guess I can't make fun of him for loving the 80s so much anymore, especially since I apparently know so much more about that decade than I wanted to admit!

The Game Review Network did a review campaign for this game, and when I received the email from Val, I told her I already had the game and would write up a review for her, if she'd like, so that's what I'm doing.

About Scene It? 80s:

The radical trivia game with all your favorite 80s moments!

Are you ready to flashback to Flashdance? Then, Scene It? 80s Deluxe Edition will have you totally stoked to the max! You’ll relive the rad fads of Glam Rock, Fraggle Rock, Pop Rocks and more. Test your memory of everything from Pac-Man to Ray-Ban and enjoy on-screen trivia that features the most excellent 80s music, movies, news and sports moments. Let Scene It? 80s Deluxe Edition take you on a pop-culture journey through the 20th century’s most bodacious decade! Totally tubular!

Deluxe Edition Game Includes:
• Game DVD with Party Play Feature
• Flextime® Game Board
• 4 Collectible Metal Tokens
• 175 Trivia Cards
• 16 Buzz Cards
• 1 Six-Sided Die
• 1 Eight-Sided Die


• 8 +


• 2 or more

Now, obviously, I haven't had my kids play this game with me because, they probably would get bored, but as I stated above, despite my original thoughts, I love this game! It's even got 80s-looking graphics and sounds in the game and they crack me up!

If you lived in the 80s and remember all that good stuff like Growing Pains and the two Coreys (RIP Corey Haim), then you'll love this game!

Head over to The Game Review Network to win a copy of this game for yourself!

Disclaimer: I bought the above-named product with my own money, but am including this review in a review campaign with The Game Review Network. The opinions expressed above are solely my own and yours may differ. Receiving a product will NEVER influence what I write in any review.

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