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I'm a member of The Game Review Network  

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Have you heard of The Game Review Network? The Game Review Network is a new review network created by Valerie at Mom Knows It All. Here's what Valerie says about The Game Review Network:

I thought it would be interesting and informative if there was a network that parents could participate in along side with their children that was specific to one type of product – video games.

Inspired by the Family Review Network formed by Kailani, I decided to form a network of bloggers that offer reviews of games and gaming products. Reviewers, with the help of their families, will write their reviews on their own blog and have a portion of it featured here as well.

This network would benefit game publishers wanting opinions on their games, create buzz and get feedback for development of future products. It would also benefit consumers, looking for feedback from real people on games before they buy them.

Let’s have some fun!

Valerie (valmg)

Membership has grown quite steadily since Valerie started the network, and we still have people joining all the time!

Are you a PR Rep or a Company seeking a network like this to review your game and spread the buzz? Fill out the Review Request form and Valerie will contact you ASAP!

Are you a Blogger who loves any type of Game, from PC Games to Wii Games? Request to join The Game Review Network!

I'm totally looking forward to working with this great bunch of guys and gals on review campaigns! Thanks Val, for reaching out to me to join!

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