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Review: Safeway  

Saturday, February 6, 2010

This post is LONG overdue... but with my pc dying and various other issues, I'm just now getting to it!

Back in December, Safeway sent me a $50 Gift Card to see how much money I could save. I'm pretty savvy, using printable coupons, electronic coupons, and clipped coupons, and I've saved as much as 80% at Safeway, so I knew this would be no problem!

But, guess what? I was stocked up on everything except for meats, and I decided to go to Safeway the weekend we were to get up to 2 feet of snow back in December. The storm was slated to hit on a Saturday and I went there Friday night before the storm was to hit. Along with everyone else!

By the time I got there, there was virtually nothing that I needed left. Not Safeway's fault - it was mine for choosing to go to the store then! Like I said before, I've gone there many times and saved a TON of money! Especially one time when they had their meats on sale - that was the time I saved 80% - I paired my purchases of sale items with coupons and saved a bundle! Even though most things I wanted were sold out, I was still able to save about $30 on what I was able to buy.

Safeway is one of the farthest grocery stores from me, but it's also one of my favorites. I go there when they are having a great sale that I just can't pass up!

All in all, despite my trip that specific weekend - I still love to shop at Safeway!

Thanks to Safeway for the $50 Gift Card! It really came in handy at a rough time (Christmas time is always rough here!)

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