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Bloggers in Caring  

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Remember awhile back, when I posted about the ShopRite Bloggers in Caring program? Well, because of my efforts (and all of the other bloggers who participated!), 3,000 boxes of cereal will be donated to local food banks in ShopRite’s trading area!

The front of the box:

Here's a photo of the back of the box:

I'm on the cereal box! You can't see it here because it's too small, but if you buy the box, and look closely, you'll see me there!

This is the photo you should look for me as:

The box will be on sale exclusively in ShopRite stores the week of January 24th so check it out if you like! I actually just came back from my local ShopRite and picked up a box for my friend - it was on sale for $2.50!

Here's something else you may be interested in:

ShopRite Partners In Caring, together with General Mills, has launched a video contest, Expressions of Hunger, that challenges everyday people to submit videos using song, poetry, dance or dramatic reading that creatively express the plight of the hungry or offer solutions to the issue of hunger. Up to six grand prize winners will have their stories and photos featured on a special-edition Cheerios box available exclusively at ShopRite stores in September 2010! The contest is open for submissions from January 1 through March 1, 2010. If you enter, good luck!

Thanks to ShopRite and General Mills for letting me participate in this outreach program, and also thanks to everyone who commented on my post that helped donate a free box of cereal!

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