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52 to Fabulous - Week 3: What a Girl Sees  

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wow - when I saw the newsletter for this week's 52 to Fabulous, was I blown away! This is exactly what I'm talking about!

I can't do some of my assignment - which is to make a Vision Board, because I'm using my work computer, and you all know that I work on an Army base. I'll have to make my board, then take a pic and upload it at a friend's!

Now, let me tell you - and I'm not ashamed about this because we must remember where we have come from to continue to grow...

Years ago, when I was in the homeless women's shelter, we had to write goals. When we first moved in, and then we'd have to revise them once we accomplished one or more. I was pretty good about this task - I always have had a pretty good idea of what I want out of life, even if I do get off-track a little bit.

At one point, my counselor suggested that I make a timeline of sorts, that would basically be my life on paper. At first I was intimidated by this project, but she convinced me that this activity would be good for me and that it would help with some of the healing.

By the time I was down with my timeline, I swear to you, it was about 8 feet long - no lie! I don't even have it anymore - it was in my file there but I really wish I had it now. I would add some things to it and have it to refer to and see how far I've come. It still amazes me, to this day!

I guess what I'm saying here is that my timeline is very similar to a Vision Board, and I can't wait to do mine!

I mentioned in my 52 to Fabulous week 2 post (What a Girl Needs) how I began to get healthier by eating soup for lunch and eating better instead of eating junk food and stuff that is bad for you and that I had already lost a little bit of weight. Well, we've been instructed to list a weekly goal, the barriers for this goal, how I will overcome that barrier, and then I just do it.

Since it's already Thursday, I have until Tuesday when another 52 to Fabulous post is supposed to be up. I'm already working on mine but here it is for you to see:

Weekly goal:

Work out on the Wii at least 2 days this weekend plus next Monday and Tuesday.


Work, homework, after-school activities

How I will overcome those barriers:

By telling the children that I HAVE to work out for at least 20 minutes on this day, etc., and we'll all have to work around that schedule.

So far I've worked out on the Wii 3 days this week and although I'm sore, I feel good! And I can't wait to fit back into my old clothes!

See you next week for the next #52toFab installment and Good luck with your transformation!

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