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52 to Fabulous - Week 2: What a Girl Needs (seriously late!)  

Thursday, January 21, 2010

You probably know by now that my computer at my house died. I've been crying about it all over the internet! My hard drive crashed, and although I have tons of parts to construct a new one until I can buy a new computer, it just hasn't happened yet. Because of this, I haven't been able to do too much on the computer. Right now I'm at work and usually blogs and other forms of social media are blocked but for some reason, for the past two weeks or so, they haven't been. So here I sit, on my lunch, eating my Progresso Light Italian Style Wedding Soup, YoPlus Yogurt, and a Ghiradelli Peanut Butter Square (or four!), while blogging.

Week 2 Edition of 52 to Fabulous: What a Girl Needs

I'm grown enough to know the difference between WANTS and NEEDS. I want what everyone else wants - love, money, a nice car, a beautiful home - but will I die without it? No! Here's what I have identified as my needs:

1 - I NEED to be a better mother. Years of mental issues, domestic violence, verbal abuse, and more have left me scarred. I really need to sit down and focus on what it takes for me to be a better mother.

I took action on this this week by praying more and since I don't have a pc, I have been spending more time with the children. It's actually been nice to come home from work and just relax, even though I KNOW my inbox is filling up while I can't access it, it will still be there tomorrow. I have only a limited number of years left with my children and they are so important, and oh so worth it!

2 - I NEED to move. Seriously. My townhouse has two issues right now that my landlord seems to not care about. One has been almost a year old now. At this point, I'm praying about moving out of Maryland and if God says I should, then where? To the Seattle area, where my birth family is (and a support system!), or to a warmer climate like Arizona or Georgia? My electric bills in my townhouse are also KILLING Me because of the age of the house and the fact that all of my appliances (including heat) are electric. It's running me broke!

3 - I NEED to get back to college. I talked about increasing my income in my last 52 to Fabulous post. To do this, I must go back to college and either work on a certification to work on computers, or I have to go work towards my degree.

We also were told to take a look at our Week 1 list (What a Girl Wants) and take action on ONE WANT. The one I have taken action on is Getting healthier. Last week, I started working out on the Wii after work and I've been eating soups for lunch instead of going out to eat, or other nasty stuff. So far, I've lost a few pounds, so I'm happy so far!

Look for my Week 3 post, which I'll be posting momentarily! Thanks for stopping by to read it!

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1 comments: to “ 52 to Fabulous - Week 2: What a Girl Needs (seriously late!)

  • TheEclecticElement
    January 21, 2010 at 5:16 PM  

    You are definitely a better woman then most! Many people I know get 'needs' and 'wants' mixed up and it drives me CRAZY!

    I just want to freaking yell at them when they say they neeeeeeed this.


    Anyway, those are some great aspirations-I admire you wanting to be a better mother and wanting to go back to school. Actually all three of those take a considerable amount of guts!

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