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Tons of winners announced  

Friday, December 18, 2009

I have a TON of winners to announce! The Holiday Hoopla ended two days ago because I wanted the winners to get their prizes before Christmas so I hope that even though I'm announcing them a couple of days late, that you will still get them for Christmas!

It's been busy here with finishing up Christmas shopping and trying to recover from this cold! I'm mostly better but I'm still weak and tired alot as well as congested! I really hope that I don't have a sinus infection!

It took me 3 hours to get all of these winners figured out! You know my comments don't number so to ensure I find the correct number that picked, I usually print the comments and figure it out from there. Well, 75% of the way through my printer jammed and it kept jamming and I can't find the paper! Tomorrow I'm going to have to unscrew it to find the pesky paper that's stuck inside!

Anyway, here are the winners:

Holiday Hoopla Giveaways ended Dec. 15th:

The Floh Club - will have to be extended due to no entries
Zoom Album - #9: Barbara (bplatt@...)
Softlips - #41: sohamolina (eddiemll@)
Florastor - #4: Tracy DeLuca (faeriecastle@)
Out of the Box Games - #38: mframe (no email - please email me to claim your prize - pricousins at gmail dot com)
Telenav - will have to be extended due to not enough entries
Eden Fantasys - #74L LuvnLife00
Hallmark - Two winners:
#53: Andrea H.
#71: plb8156@

Snowman's Song: #23: plb815@
Anti-Monkey Butt Powder: #13 - CanCan (onlycancan@)
Baby Christmas 2 CDs - Two winners:
#14: cthmommy (jakelleth@)
#2: Desiree (weeshareblog@)

Ultimate Cloth: #19 - Belinda M. (bluebelle0367@)
PreHistin: #4: Peggy (matternu@)
MyClyns: #4 Sara Broers

Other giveaways that have ended:

Golden Moon Tea: #20 - Amanda (cats99@)
Glade Candle: #23: Stephanie (thegrants@)
Curious George CD: #9 - Angela (angelaspringer@)

I had an error while trying to pick the Dean's Dips winners for some reason and I'm too tired to continue so I'll pick those tomorrow when I can.

Congrats to all of the winners! I am emailing those who I have emails for, which is most everyone except for 3. The one I don't have any contact info is noted above and the other two I have Twitter IDs and I will tweet at you momentarily!

Thanks to all of the sponsors and to everyone for entering!

Please know that I use always to choose winners and due to the time consuming nature of all of these winners, I did not choose a new winner for the giveaway where a previous winner won. Please know I try to be fair at all times but 3 hours later, I did not want to go back and choose another winner!

Be on the lookout for either some LIVE giveaways or a Twitter party - I'm not sure what I want to do yet but I have some prizes that need to be given away and I'm sorry that I couldn't get them posted due to my sickness in the past week. I'll keep you posted!

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