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Live Old Navy Giveaway Winners Announced  

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Shew! Live giveaways are a little bit of work - but nothing I can't handle! I've been working on getting these posted since the giveaway ended almost a freaking hour ago. DS came home from school and I've had to referee 3 arguments already while figuring out who won!

I have the winners for the Live Old Navy giveaway, and they are as follows:

#48 - Catss99
#52 - Gina @ Moneywise Moms
#24 - kim Thein
#19 - Mommy2alillady(bug)
#46 - makeetis
#41 - Susan
#45 - Luv to Save
#28 - jerseygirl137
#12 - Angela
#34 - Mommie Daze

I have all of your email addresses except two - Kim I'll tweet @ you and Angela I think I know who you are but if you see this please email me at pricousins at gmail dot com to claim your prize!

Congrats to all of you and thanks to everyone who participated in my first Live giveaway!

View my Giveaway Rules, updated 12/2/09.

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