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Review: NutraSalt  

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Like most other consumers, I try to watch my family's sodium intake, so when I was asked to do a review for NutraSalt, I figured I would try it! Little did I know that I'd get 6 bottles to try out - Sea Salt NutraSalt, Texas BBQ NutraSalt, Lemon & Herb NutraSalt, Bold Chipotle NutraSalt, Classic Curry NutraSalt, and Robusto Adobo NutraSalt.

About NutraSalt:

NutraSalt is an all-natural, rich in potassium, healthier Sea Salt delivering the great salt taste without the excess sodium.

66% Less Sodium
Naturally Rich in Potassium
All Natural
Great Sea Salt Taste
Trace Elements From Red Sea
Minerals From Dead Sea Salt
Replaces Regular Salt 1 to 1
No Metallic Aftertaste

"Sneaky Sodium & Weight Gain – Is Salt the Next Transfat?"
In the 90's, there was a huge effort to enlighten the public on the health effects of trans fats. The result: Mandatory labeling and the removal of trans fats from many products.

Looks like sodium's next! The CSPI has called sodium the “deadliest ingredient in the food supply” and the “forgotten killer”.

In a new study by the non-profit research organization RAND declares that
If Americans were to cut their salt intake to recommended levels – 2300 mgs of salt (which equals one teaspoon!) they'd SAVE $18 billion in health care costs.

Why is Salt Bad?

High sodium intake has been linked with high blood pressure- 65 million Americans have this. 45 million more are considered “pre-hypertensive” (between normal and high blood pressure).

Don’t have high blood pressure? Chances are you will because 90% of Americans will. And, even if you don’t have high blood pressure, cutting back on sodium can reduce your chances of getting cardiovascular diseases by 25% and your risk of dying from it by 20%. Same goes for kids!

Eating less salt is also one of the most important ways in preventing heart disease. High sodium intake has also been linked to obesity, stomach cancer, kidney stones, kidney disease and osteoporosis.

How much is Too Much?

US and Canadian guidelines, based on Institute of Medicine recommendations, recommend less than 2300 mg/day, less than 1500mg/day if you have high blood pressure.

What Can We Do?

*Read Labels: it’s one solution to reducing the amount of sodium consumed via processed foods, but beware of “healthy foods” which may be lower in fat and sugar but higher in sodium.
*Use low sodium alternatives, like newcomer NutraSalt ( which features 66% less sodium than common table salt and is harvested from the seas of the Mediterranean region.

*Use rice, potatoes and pasta in their natural forms.

*Use vinegar, lemon or fresh fruit juices for marinades.

*Buy and use fresh vegetables and meats whenever possible.

*Rinse canned vegetables before use.

My thoughts:

All of these unique spices have great flavor and are great to try on a variety of dishes! So far, I'm hooked on the Lemon & Herb NutraSalt as well as the Sea Salt NutraSalt. I'll definitely be utilizing to find more recipes for my other NutraSalt flavors! (And they have a TON! Be sure to stop by to check out the recipes, or sign up for the newsletter!) I really can't wait to use the BBQ flavor on some chicken or ribs and feel like it's summer again!

Disclaimer: I was sent the products named above to review. The opinions expressed above are solely my own and yours may differ. Receiving a product will NEVER influence what I write in any review.

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