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Review: Elfing Around®  

Sunday, November 15, 2009

On behalf of The Classy Closet Review Panel (link will be live on the 16th), my children and I were sent an Elf from Elfing Around®. I was excited to do this review, because the description that I received said the following:

Elfing Around® is not just a Christmas toy, but an amazingly heartfelt Christmas experience. Our 12-inch plush elves “visit” all the children on Santa’s Nice List for the 12 days before Christmas. The elves have to be still during the day, but are very adventuresome at night. Each morning your child will awake with the wonder and excitement of trying to find out exactly what their silly elf was up to the night before. Your child may find their elf is hiding; or had a snowball fight; or was up watching a movie, complete with popcorn; or has taken it upon his/herself to re-decorate the tree with your child’s underwear.

Each elf comes with all the ideas and letters to complete 12 adventures. The elf will go home with Santa on Christmas Eve. This is a tradition you will want to share with your children.

My children and I are the only family we have, basically, because the rest of my family lives between an hour and a half away, to 2600 miles away. So it's up to me start, and continue, our family traditions. I've carried on some that we did as a family when I was growing up, and I've incorporated my own. This will be a fun tradition to incorporate into our family activities!

Each elf you purchase will include the following:

-"Letter from the elf" and envelope
-Official Wish list and Envelopes
-Parent Adventure Guide Book (12 nightly suggested Elf Adventures and Postcards from the elf)
-2 Elf Tattoos

A couple of days before your child meets their new Elf friend, you should set out the "Letter From the Elf" letter, addressed to your child, and leave it in a conspicuous place that they will be able find it. The first morning the Elf arrives, place the Elf and the tattoos in a spot that they will be found. (If you have more than one elf visiting, you should remind your child to write their name on the bottom of their Elf's foot to avoid confusion.)

The Parent Adventure Guide Book includes 12 nightly suggested Elf Adventures that you can set up in 5 minutes or less. Your child will awaken the next morning to a mess that the Elf made with a postcard from the Elf!

In addition to all of the fun you will have with your Elf at home, there are also loads of Freebies on the Elfing Around® website, such as coloring pages. My daughter loves to color so I just know she will enjoy these as well as her new Elf friend!

This year I'm excited to integrate Elfing Around® into our family traditions! I'm going to enjoy it and I'm sure my kids will too!


One of you will be lucky enough to have an Elf friend come with you for the holidays to incorporate into your Holiday traditions!

To enter, go to Catch the Drift with Mama Snow and check out the review at A Psych Mommy!

Thanks to The Classy Closet and Elfing Around® for this review opportunity!

Disclaimer: I was sent the product named above to review. The opinions expressed above are solely my own and yours may differ. Receiving a product will NEVER influence what I write in any review.

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