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Poison Ivy, missing homework, and headaches  

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

If you know anything about me, you know that I am a chronic headache sufferer. Sometimes I even get migraines. Thank God I haven't had any of those in awhile, but I have a headache (or even just a touch of one) daily. It's very frustrating and I've been through all the tests, seen a neurologist, and taken "preventative" medicines like Imitrex (which don't work on me).

Let me tell you the reason for my headaches.


That's what I've deduced it to.

Today I was at work for the third day since we all got two viruses in a span of three weeks. I'm still trying to make it through the work that I needed to do the whole time I was gone, and I'm happy because I am working through the pile.

Around 9 am the phone rings. I'm lucky in that where I work, I have a set that displays the number of who is calling, so most times I know who is on the other end. At this time, I see my daughter's school calling, and by now I know the nurse's office number by heart.

*Heart sinks*

"Oh no. Not again." is all I can think.

The nurse informs me that my daughter has poison ivy. (DUH. I live with her.) It's spread close to her eye. (Yes, I'm aware.) Oh but wait - I left out the good part - "Ms. Marion, Ravyn is in my office and he has poison ivy all over his face and it's very close to his eye."

That statement right there made me mad. Wouldn't it have made you mad?! My daughter does not look like a boy. It's pretty obvious she's not a boy.

So I told the nurse, "First of all, she's a girl, and second of all, I've been putting calamine lotion on it and there's nothing I can do right now."

"Can't you take her to the doctor?"

"I guess I could but I have to call down there and see if they have an appointment."

"Okay, well I'll give her some Benadryl for the itch but she will probably be tired later."

"Yeah, yeah..."

Mind you, I'm still agitated that she called my daughter a HE. And I'm agitated that I have no leave and these people are bothering me with this...

Yes, I'm concerned about the poison ivy, but I tell you what - I put calamine lotion on it and I keep telling that girl to stop itching. I just don't understand why these kids can't listen to their mother!

Speaking of listening, before I got the appointment, I decided I would go on Edline and check my son's grades. While I was there I saw that he's missed a TON of homework over a month or so. So when I ask him if he has homework, and he says all he has is math, he's been lying. He's "forgotten" about Science, and the rest of the homework that is supposed to be done.

So since I was home (before the doctor's appointment), I deleted his profile off of the computer. We all have passwords to log in to the computer for our own accounts, so now he can't get on the pc. Next I'll take the PlayStation. He's grounded for the next 2 weeks anyway, so from now on, each time he runs his mouth or does something he knows I don't like, I'm taking something from him. I can't take it anymore.

And that's the reason for my headache. (Today.)

Tomorrow will be better.

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