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My Black Friday plan of attack  

Sunday, November 22, 2009

TwitterMoms asked us, "What is your Black Friday plan of attack this year?"

Here's my answer:

I've only gone shopping on Black Friday one time before in my life. But, this year, it's all about to change. There's so many deals this year, how can I pass it up?!

This year, I'm heading to Best Buy, Target, Ross, and Walmart for Black Friday shopping. I may even hit some more stores, depending on how I feel. Home Depot, TJMaxx, Lowe's, Kohl's - I think they're calling my name too!

I've already scoped out what's going to be on sale, and I know what I want to buy. I've got a list and I've checked it twice. I've got coupons ready for the few things that have coupons for it. I've got my Best Buy Reward Zone card!

I'm not a shopper as it is - shocking I know! But I hate shopping - literally hate it! That's why I've never gone Black Friday shopping before! But this year I'm going to do it so I can get the most bang for my buck! First I'll stop at Best Buy because I'm trying to get a laptop, then I'm heading down the road to Target, because my daughter wants a DSi and some games, and my son wants some games for his PlayStation, then I'll head over to Ross, then down to Walmart, and if I'm not too pooped (or didn't get the things I wanted) then I'll head to the others stores I mentioned above!

I'll stay up all night and go out early in the morning to shop, then afterwards I'll come home and nap!

If I don't get to get what I want, there's always Cyber Monday - and that's my favorite!

What is YOUR Black Friday plan of attack?

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