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I blog, therefore I am  

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Like my post title? I couldn't think of a good post title so I just used that, because, well, sometimes I'm a smartass.

Today's Saturday, one of my favorite days, because all I have to do is rest, yell at kids, and do laundry.

I'd rather do the laundry than yell at the kids, but did you know that I have a teenager? And, needless to say, his mouth gets him in trouble daily. Sometimes he even breaks his own record and gets yelled at all day.

I didn't go to sleep until 3 am last night and I woke up at 11 even though I wanted to sleep just a little bit longer. (Yeah, I'm still sick and recovering so I have been sleeping alot more than usual.) I awoke to my daughter picking my bedroom lock to come in to tell me that there was nothing to eat.

Oops. I guess while I was at Target Greatland yesterday spending over $150 on household essentials like toilet paper, paper towels, laundry detergent, and more, that I kinda forgot the cereal and milk. I'm a bad mom!

Speaking of Target - I saved over $70 while I was there, and that's not including the sale prices. I used a TON of coupons and made out like a bandit! What was also cool (for me, not Target) is that someone left up numerous signs for a sale from last week for Gain, Bounce, Downy, Charmin, Bounty, and more... You know the one - if you bought two of any (mix or match) you would receive a $5 gift card at the checkout. Well the GCs didn't come up so I inquired with my cashier about it and she said if it was a current deal the GCs would automatically come up on the screen and be generated. Well, I knew I saw the sign, and that was the main reason for me buying 2 Gain detergents (aside from the $3 off of each bottle that I saved between sale price and coupon), big thing of Charmin, as well as the big thing of Bounty, plus I bought Bounce but nothing else. So... I had to go to customer service but not until after I checked the sign again. At that point I did notice in fine print the sale dates (which was from 11/1 to 11/7) but the type is so small and who looks at those dates while they're shopping anyway?! Not me! I saw the promotion, and I went for it.

So off to Customer Service I go... After I explained the situation, and they looked in the sales paper, I explained there was numerous signs in that area of said items, and that's why I bought the items. So they sent someone to get the signs and this person came back with the wrong one. So I sent my friend (who I drug with me!) to go get the sign from the fabric softener aisle, which showed a different price than the one the worker got, but both signs included the $5 GC promotion infomration. Apparently the CSM was a little mad that I was getting this GC when I technically wasn't supposed to - but hey, maybe this will teach them to make sure the old signs are taken down huh?

The girl (CSM) gave me my one $5 GC and I had to point out my cart and show her the Charmin and Bounty and said I should get two. So she's like "You're telling me you're supposed to get TWO?!" Yup... that's right sweetheart. Sorry!

Bottom line is, the sign showed this promo, that's why I bought the sale items (mostly). I mean, hey, I needed toilet paper and paper towels but I normally don't buy the big packs unless they're a REALLY good price (which they're usually not) AND I have a good coupon, so it's not my fault that someone didn't take the signs down eh? (Note: I do feel a little bad but not really because I honestly didn't see the dates to know that the promo was over!)

SO yeah, I walked out of there saving over $70, used a $5 GC from the Glade promotion from last week and still got $10 GCs back.

On another note...

Today, my son has royally pissed me off. He thinks he can talk to anyone the way he wants, do what he wants, and that there will be no repercussions. He wanted me to take him to one of the local libraries to meet up with his friend. Which, mind you is not the closest one to us (about a mile away!), it's the one closest to where his friend lives, about 8 miles away.

Dear son, I drove you to the ice skating rink last night, and I can't quite remember if you pissed me off with your mouth beforehand, but considering the events that happen daily, I'm sure you did. I still took you. And gave you $20! Then came to pick you up at 10 o'clock. In the rain. With almost dead windshield wipers. Today while your sister was on the phone with me while I was at the grocery store, and you took the phone from her for no apparent reason, which in turn started you two arguing, and that just started the events to where we are right now. And now your comments on how much you hate me and how much I sit on the computer are going to make you lose your teeth!

I love my son. And it's a good thing because he needs to lose some teeth. (I'm predicting that by 5 pm EST, he will have!)

I can see it's just going to get better from here. I just might have to get out the belt, or just ground the boy for a month or until he learns how to control his tongue.


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1 comments: to “ I blog, therefore I am

  • TheEclecticElement
    November 14, 2009 at 5:08 PM  

    Love the title! That's definitely a good title for a post like this :)

    And may I say YOU GO GIRL for setting those Target employees straight-Seriously, if someone was too lazy to take down THEIR signs, then you should be able to get those gift cards for the misconception the signs caused!

    Good luck with your son-I'm no mother so I can't help you but I sure wouldn't blame you for those lost teeth Lol

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