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Holiday Hoopla with A Simple Kinda Life (Dec 1st-15th)  

Saturday, November 21, 2009

You all are probably going to say that I'm crazy. I'm currently involved in the Holiday Gift Guide at Santa's Picks, I work full time, I'm a single mom, and now I'm telling you about Holiday Hoopla.

Yup, I'm crazy - but I had an overwhelming response for sponsors this year so I'm doing my own event here at A Simple Kinda Life.

The beautiful button is below (thanks Angie!) and the code to put it on your blog is there also - if you grab this button now and post in the comments that you've got it, you'll get 5 extra entries into every Holiday Hoopla giveaway that is posted between December 1st & the 15th. (Remember this only counts as Holiday Hoopla giveaways since I am involved with other companies that sometimes provide products to me - Holiday Hoopla items with clearly be marked.)

Remember to comment here if you've grabbed the button and put it on your blog!

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