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Ghost Adventures returns  

Friday, November 6, 2009

Ghost Adventures is BACK!

Zak, Nick, and Aaron will be at Pennhurst State, a school for the developmentally disabled, which was forced to close its doors in 1987 after numerous, heart-wrenching allegations of abuse and neglect.

Catch the episode premiere Friday at 9 PM E/P on the Travel Channel. "Ghost Adventures Live Postmortem," a recap of last week's live event, will air at 8pm before the new episode. Below are episode details and some video links:

Pennhurst State became infamous in the 1980s when word spread about the despicable conditions in which the patients were forced to live. Pennhurst was home to more than 3,000 mentally challenged, mentally disabled, and developmentally disabled patients. There are countless claims of abuse. This partly because while the local zoo was spending $7.15 on their animals per day on their wards, Pennhurst could only afford $5.90.

When Zak asks Dr. James Conroy (Co-President of Pennhurst Memorial) if there was ever sexual abuse at the school. Dr. Conroy replies, "Absolutely. Constantly. Every night."

While the school was opened, there was a deafening sound from thousands of patients screaming. Today the sound of those screams has been replaced with a skin tingling silence. Needless to say, there is enough dark energy in this place to make your hair stand on end.

Check out these previews:

Tune in to see Ghost Adventures - Pennhurst: Friday, November 6th, at 9 E/P on Travel Channel.
Be sure to also watch Ghost Adventures Live Postmortem: Friday, November 6th, at 8 E/P on Travel Channel.

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