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Letter from my daughter  

Monday, October 5, 2009

Yesterday my daughter made me angry when I told her to go to bed. She was playing with this bouncy ball that lights up and when I went to chase after her to take the ball, she threw it and hit this glass stand in my living room. It's unsturdy but will be fine if it's not messed with. Main thing is that it holds most of my figurines and knick knacks that are dear to me. See?

When I went up to go to bed, I had this letter on my bed:

"Dear Mom,

Sorry, I did not mean too almost make the glass case almost fall but plese forgive me. I am sorry about every thing thats why I write this letter. Plese do not throw away the ball! Sorry. Will you forgive me? :-) I love you. I will call you when I wake up. Love you! Ravyn."

Page 2 - "Mom if I did not love you I would never worry but I love you that's why I worry. Love you Ravyn."

Page 3 - By the way you can keep this sharpy. Alica gave me it. Love you Ravyn."

By "Sharpy" she means "Sharpie" and not just any Sharpie but a YELLOW, obnoxious color on white paper, Sharpie! LOL!

As for the worry part, I fear she is taking after me. It reminds me of the book review I just did, that said we carry these types of things and our kids inherit them... Darnit.

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