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Friday is Mega SwagBcks day  

Friday, October 30, 2009

Search & Win

Not only do I love Fridays because the weekend is here, but also because it's Mega SwagBucks day at SwagBucks!

On Fridays, you have a higher chance of winning more that $1 or $2 in SwagBucks - some even win $5 at a time!

I'm saving up my SwagBucks for a Wii for the family for Christmas! How do I do that? Every time I need to search for something, instead of using a regular search engine, I go to SwagBucks and search. I usually win $1 - if I search 3 times of day I probably would win $3 but I always forget!

Once I get 45 SwagBucks, I trade them in for $5 Gift Codes for Easy peasy right?

There are also more ways to redeem your SwagBucks, like participating in SwagStakes, and even getting cash through PayPal, but like I said, I'm saving up for the Wii (I'm about 3/4 of the way there!).

Skeptical? My Friend and fellow blogger, Valerie from Sweeps4Bloggers, earned a free Wii through SwagBucks, as did Alyssa at Kingdom First Mom.

So - sign up for Swagbucks here and then recruit your friends because everytime they win - you do too!

Extra ways to get SwagBucks are by checking the SwagBucks homepage every hour to see if your username is listed, subscribing to the newsletter where you will get codes, as well as by becoming a fan of SwagBucks on Facebook, and by following SwagBucks on Twitter.

Learn more about SwagBucks here - because you don't want to search too much and get deactivated!

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