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Strong as Steel: Bring generations together in the kitchen  

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sure, you may not have known that your kitchen could get you in great shape, but maybe you know this one: How many seniors does it take to change a light bulb? It only takes one! But, it can be a lot more rewarding if it takes two - a senior and a youth, an oldie and a newbie, an acorn and an oak...

Intergenerational activities increase cooperation, interaction and exchange between people of different generations, according to Generations United- an organization that began in 1986 and is the country’s only membership organization promoting intergenerational public policies, strategies and programs,

According to the EPA, these activities can prevent unnatural age segregation and apply the strengths of one generation to meet the needs of another. For youth and children, these activities can enhance social skills, improve academic performance, decrease drug use and increase stability. For older adults, these activities can enhance socialization, stimulate learning, increase emotional support and improve health.

And when the two generations team up to help the environment, it’s a win for everyone!

Check out this cool video:

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