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Spotlight on The Online Mom  

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Have you seen this great site, The Online Mom? As a mom who LOVES technology, I'm loving this site! My children and I love the internet and someone is always on the computer! I must admit, I'm more of a tech junkie than they are, but I can already tell that they've inherited my love of computers and technology! That's just one reason why I'm thrilled to share this information with you today!

About The Online Mom:

Online Mom is an organization and web site devoted to providing the knowledge, the advice, and the tools that will help all parents protect their kids and encourage responsible behavior as they make the most of the new digital world. Whether it's understanding social networking, photo sharing, texting, YouTube or just finding the right video games, The Online Mom has the explanations, the advice and the recommendations you have been looking for.

From Technology from A-Z to tips for parents for safeguarding their children on the internet, there is so much to learn on the site! There are also Video Game of the Week and a Website of the Week section.

A great section I'd particularly like to point out is the Security Tools section. This is a must read for any family whose children access the internet! There's different sections for Threats and Challenges, as well as Security Tools. The Online Mom is a great place for anyone to visit and learn (as well as get resources!) about technology, gadgets, great sites, and get great tips. From novice to expert, there's something for everyone!

Be sure to stop by The Online Mom Facebook Fan Page, where you can participate in her first Facebook Fan giveaway. It is running until September 21st (which isn't too far away so HURRY!) and some lucky fans will win a Nintendo Wii and other prizes. Fans will complete fan challenges, which will be announced via status updates, so once you're a fan, check back regularly for the updates! You can also follow The Online Mom founder Monica Vila on Twitter at She also has tweetchats every Wednesday night, using the hashtag #theonlinemom, where everything from privacy on social networks to back to school gadgets are discussed!

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