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Review: Dilmah Tea  

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I recently was sent some tea to try out from Dilmah Tea. I love any type of tea, but most days, you can find me drinking some home-brewed iced tea. Tea has many health benefits, and did you know that tea originally began as a medicine?

About Dilmah Tea:

Founder of Dilmah, Merrill J. Fernando, declared his commitment to tea when in the 1950s he devoted his life to tea. Four decades later he was joined by his two sons, Dilhan and Malik (after whom he named his Dilmah Tea) who share his passion. Today, nearly sixty years on, Merrill and his sons - the Fernando family - have acquired the expertise to grow tea, pack and offer consumers around the world only the finest. Their love for tea clearly transcends generations for Dilhan and Malik's sons and daughters are learning tea, preparing for a time when they assume responsibility for the covenant that Merrill made, when in the 1950s he declared that he would devote his life to bringing quality back to tea, ethically.

Dilmah Tea is grown, harvested, and hand-picked in Ceylon, and has been doing so for 21 years. Dilmah is a family company and is focused around The Five Pillars of Dilmah:


The teas we received from Dilmah were Ceylon Green Tea with Cinnamon (my personal favorite!), Ceylon Supreme Tea, and Dombagastalawa Estate Tea, which comes in a tin and smells great, with the slight flavor of pistachio and almonds.

Dilmah offers so many different types of teas, from Gourmet teas to white tea.

I enjoy a cup of the Ceylon Green Tea with Cinnamon at work, to help me unwind, and just savor the moment. I've enjoyed the Ceylon Supreme Tea in the morning with toast, but all of the teas that I received are good at any time of the day!

United States residents can buy any of the Dilmah Teas through the Unity Brands Group, based in Florida. This tea is also sold in 91 other countries. For more information, check out Dilmah Tea or Unity Brands Group

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