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Hallmark’s "Edge of Motherhood" Tweet-a-Day Giveaway!  

Thursday, September 24, 2009

There’s no doubt about it: motherhood is a magical and rewarding experience, and our children bring us more joy than we thought possible. But motherhood certainly has its moments. We’ve all been there — sleepless nights, sibling warfare, teen angst… a trail of dog poop tracked through the house on your toddler’s shoe. Through it all, moms persevere…with a little encouragement and a lot of humor.

And to help with exactly that, Hallmark has introduced a new line of humorous encouragement cards just for moms called "Edge of Motherhood," a fresh look at some of the things moms experience daily. (Check out some of the cards on here.)

But wait, there’s more! Now through the end of September, Hallmark will be giving away FREE packs of these new, edgy humor cards along with a $25 Hallmark Gold Crown gift card through Hallmark’s "Edge of Motherhood" Tweet-a-Day Giveaway!

To enter, follow the "Edge of Motherhood" card writers on Twitter (@HallmarkEdge) where you’ll see an announcement of each day’s giveaway opportunity at 9:00 a.m. CST. Once you see the announcement, tweet about or post a twitpic capturing your most outrageous motherhood moments. And don’t forget to use the #hallmarkmom hashtag with each tweet!

The mom who has shared the funniest tweet or twitpic (as determined by card writers from the "Edge of Motherhood" line) by 4:00 p.m. CST each day will win a pack of "Edge of Motherhood" cards and a $25 gift card. Easy as that!

Do you have the funniest, most memorable, or most outrageous moment ‘from the edge’?

Have fun and good luck!

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