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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

After last week when I lost my grandfather (Pappy), believe it or not, it did get worse. My daughter had gotten a cold and was sick on Tuesday when I got the news from my mom that my grandfather had passed. I was worried that it could be Swine Flu, so I kept her home. (Because you just never know anymore!) I'm sure you know that I got it the next day. And, I was still feeling pretty emotional about "Pappy". I had to keep on though, because she was still sick and home with me.

Then, because of finances and not communicating with my provider, my phone AND my DirecTV got turned off! To top that off, my pc died and I had to get it fixed! It was sooo boring around here! Luckily, I have the Blackberry Tour, so I could look at urgent emails and do some Facebook a little bit, as well as talk on the phone, but I have been trying not to use it too much!

I was very stressed! I miss my Pappy. Years ago, when I was first adopted, I guess I had trust issues. I didn't like women so much, and I could mainly be found with one of two people: my dad, or my Pappy. I was always with him. Then I got older, and certain things happened, and I had barely spoken to him (or seen him!) in 15 years.

Until the past couple of years. My mom had a get-together for the 4th of July, just like two years ago, and since my Nanny and Pappy lived in my parent's basement, I got to see them both. Talk? We didn't really do that. I'll be honest - it was awkward. But it doesn't change the love I have for either of them.

The only photo that I personally have of my Pappy is here:

(He's on the right in the blue shirt and my dad is across from him in the black shirt.)

I have to get more photos of the people in my family. Even though we're not exactly close, I miss them and love them all very much.

I took the whole week off. Friday I was sick and wanted to stay in bed, but I had things that I had to accomplish, and did, so that was nice. Saturday I did lounge around all day. I laid in the bed most of the day.

I still have some cough and am still a little stuffy but I'm taking some medicine and hoping all of my symptoms will be gone soon!

I'm back to work and busy as heck! As you may know, I am a Government Contractor for a telecommunications company. It's the end of the fiscal year there, so that's ALWAYS a busy time for EVERYONE, plus our contract ends on the 30th (but has been extended - SHEW!) so I have been busy with new badges for everyone times 3 as well as annual reviews and my normal duties! I have so many emails (both here and at work) to go through, that it's not even funny!!!

I have some cool things in store for you, so stop back! It feels funny because I have no giveaways going on right now, BUT it's kinda nice also!

Thanks to all of you who extended love to me either on my post here last week about my grandfather's passing, via Twitter, or on Facebook! It's greatly appreciated! Kisses to you all!

See you soon!

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