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PlasmaCar Mega Review (The Classy Closet Review Panel)  

Monday, August 17, 2009

How often do you find a toy that can be used by the whole family? Not often, right?! Well, today I'll share with you a toy that is universal - from ages 3 to 103 the booklet claims! In all honesty, anyone weighing up to 220 lbs. can ride the PlasmaCar!

The PlasmaCar is powered by your own energy! That's part of what makes this toy so great! Not only can anyone in the family use it, it only requires you to turn the steering wheel to power the toy!

Assembly was easy too! The instructions were detailed with illustrations to outline exactly what you need to do to assemble this toy. And, it only takes a few minutes!

My kids and I all had a great time on the PlasmaCar and invite you to check it out. It's funny too, because I've seen them being reviewed on the web, but hadn't seen them in the stores yet. Just a couple of days before I received mine, I saw one at Target. I thought it was so cute! And they are! We'll be keeping this toy around for a long time! They're fast and FUN!

Be sure to check out PlasmaCar for yourself! They're all over the web. Find them in the following locations:
Follow them on Twitter at @plasmart.
Company Website:
Become a Fan on Facebook:
They even have a blog:

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Thanks to The Classy Closet for this review opportunity!

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