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Back to School Tips  

Monday, August 17, 2009

On behalf of TwitterMoms and Sprite, for a chance to get 500 MyCokeRewards (which I LOVE, by the way!!!), I'm sharing some back to school tips with you today.


First off - please, please, PLEASE (I cannot emphasize this enough!) do not wait until the last minute to buy the school supplies for your children! That's how you end up spending HUNDREDS of dollars! (Been there, done that!) Start watching Staples, Office Depot, Walmart, and all of the other stores that have office supplies EARLY (I'm talking May or June!) to get the deals. I sign up for all of their emails, so I see all of the sales prior to their start date. Plus, I print coupons and there have been some GREAT coupons for Bic products, Scotch Tape, and more this summer - add those to the already low prices and you can save a bundle! I hit up Walmart back in June and bought a ton of stuff for under $.50 each and then I went to Staples during a GREAT sale they had and I spent about $60 for both of my children, after discounts - and I have extras! CVS is also a great place to shop - last night I went there and got two packs of filler paper for $.99 each - and I got $1.98 back in Extra Care Bucks which I used on my separate order!


Old Navy, The Children's Place, aerie, 77kids, Kohl's, and even Kmart and Target have some nice clothes - and at this time of year all of their warmer weather wear is on clearance, making way for Fall styles! It pays to clean up on those prices - especially if your weather doesn't change until October. By then, you can hunt down more sales and buy them cold weather clothes for cheap too! I recently bought my daughter some clothes from TCP and I spent $33 for SIX outfits, a few hair ties/headbands, and a belt! That's a STEAL! Signing up for stores' email lists will save you a bundle, as you'll get an email from them before the sales starts and you can plan accordingly. Top those sale prices with coupons (like Old Navy does at or with discount codes online at RetailMeNot.comand you can save up to 80%, if you time it right!

Another great place that I like to utilize when shopping for clothes ANYTIME of the year is Ebates, which pays you to shop! I mean... you get money back via check or PayPal.

Sending your child to school on the first day:

We are the only ones who know our children best. It's so funny, because my son (who just turned 13) is 100% independent and has been like that always. He goes to school, no problem. Sometimes he won't even call to tell me he's heading out to the bus! My daughter (who's 10) is the complete opposite! She's already asking me to take off so I can put her on the bus the first day of school.

The only advice I can give to you for this one is that only YOU know them the best. If they need extra loving and reassurance on the first day of school (and any other day, for that matter) - give it to them. If they don't, then don't.

Make sure you have some snacks ready for them when they get home too - because they WILL be hungry!

Do you have any Back to School Tips that you can share? Please leave a comment.

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