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Communication Between Parents is Key  

Friday, July 31, 2009

It's been awfully quiet on this blog, I know. It's been a kinda crazy week over here in our household.

Tomorrow kicks off the beginning of Football for my son. Check them out at Emmorton Buccaneers Football.

Last night something happened that I can't get into here yet, but it has me wondering why, as adults, certain individuals couldn't come talk to me in regards to the "issue" that is going on, since we are supposed to be adults and all.

I mean, if you had a problem with a child in your neighborhood, big or small, wouldn't you go talk to the parents first before taking any drastic measures? Me too!

That's what I'm saying... Communication between parents is key to getting things accomplished.

It's a shame that what happened did, and I'm hoping to have a quick resolution, as I indicated in my last post, I don't have time for Drama.

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