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Seeking a Sponsorship to the Type-A Mom Conference - I want to BRING IT!  

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Type-A Mom Conference is a unique mom blogging conference designed to help you take it to the next level. The conference will feature some of the most influential, admired and insightful mom bloggers talking about topics like power social networking, branding, blogging, finding your voice, and turning your passion for blogging into a real paycheck.

When? Sept. 24-27

Where? Asheville, NC

I want to go so bad I can taste it!

I'm actively seeking sponsors to the Type-A Mom Conference. I NEED to go!

Why? Because I'm a single mom and I'm working towards working from home. I currently work from 6:30 AM to 3 PM and I'd love to be with my children more!

What's awesome is that my kids could go if I wanted them to, because there's KidCon. (which I think is almost full...)

What will I do for your company if you provide me with a partial or full sponsorship?

*Rock your clothes

*Pass out your promotional items

*Talk, talk, talk about you to every single person there that I see!

*Blog about you and include your graphic or log on my blog.

*Cry, be thankful, and Praise God that I was given this opportunity!

If you're interested in Sponsoring me for this great opportunity, please send me an email!

While you're here, stop by the Sponsorship section at the Type-A Mom Conference site and see what it's all about.

Just check out the speakers! As if that wasn't enough reason for me to go! I'm *kinda* new to this blogging thing, but I LOVE meeting new people, and who doesn't need friends?!

I'm pretty small in this blogging community, but just since January 2009 when I started doing reviews and networking, my Page Rank has increased from a Zero to a THREE. I'm pretty proud of that. I'm affiliated with Momfluence as well as Type-A Mom.

I have 83 subscribers via email, 400 Google Followers, 1850 Twitter Followers, 90 followers via Facebook's Networked Blogs, and about 1700 Facebook friends. So... my reach is *kinda* big. I also belong to various forums and Ning sites.

I have several goals and dreams in my personal and professional life, some of which I've attained already. If you knew my story, you'd be shocked to hear what I've gone through and how I've persevered. I am one of the most driven individuals I know. Ask my friends - they'll tell ya.

So, if you need someone to represent you at Type-A Mom Conference, please contact me - let's chat!

Edited to add: It's looking like it's going to cost about $1000 to get myself and the children to the conference for 3 days.

I'm hoping to carpool with some MD/DC/VA bloggers if possible! So if you're from Maryland or any of the surrounding states and are looking to carpool, drop me a line!

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