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Review and Giveaway: Qwizzy's World  

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Qwizzy's World, an online study site for students, is now offering schools an innovative way to raise funds!

QW ( is a unique study site for students, parents, teachers, and tutors, designed as a self-quizzing tool that focuses on improving study habits, while developing long term critical thinking skills! In QW, current classroom study materials are used to personally craft quizzes in any of five different question formats. The quizzes are then stored for repeated/randomized taking, and scored instantly for immediate feedback! Unique features on the site include "Buddysharing," where created quizzes are shared with select others and "Ultimate Quiz," where quizzes can be combined for comprehensive studying (great for midterms and finals). QW supports all subjects including foreign language. Have fun studying, while building your self confidence and relieving test taking anxiety!

Students can now join the site for use at home and in the classroom for one year at a 20% discount, with their investment funding their school (the school receives $18.00 of the $40.00 membership fee from each student who joins!) All teachers in participating schools are awarded free lifetime memberships to QW and a free one-year membership for their classroom.

Julie, who had been a stay-at-home mom for 13 years, created this site for her son when she couldn’t find anything suitable to help her son bring his grades up. With the help of a programmer friend, Julie slowly began to piece Qwizzy’s World together, and her sole intent was to help her kids study for tests – in a fun, non-intimidating way.

After months of using this tool with her kids -- and watching their grades improve -- she realized she was onto something. At the encouragement of her husband, Denny, her parents and her grandmother, Julie decided to launch Qwizzy’s World as a business in June 2008. She realized this was the perfect job, as family is number-one with her (she had left the workforce 13 years prior, specifically to be with her children). The site is a smorgasbord of cool stuff for kids, parents and teachers. When you visit the home page, you will find informative articles, whimsical characters, surveys and other items of interest to parents and their kids.

For more information Where Studying Funds Education, call Julie at 678-793-3766 or email

Win It!

One Lucky Winner will win a year membership to this site! To enter, tell me who you need to win this for (who needs the help that this website provides) and fill out the form.

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1 comments: to “ Review and Giveaway: Qwizzy's World

  • Blue times two
    February 2, 2010 at 8:10 PM  

    This is such a neat website! I have loved using it both as a teacher and a parent! It's absolutely great for individualizing teaching in the classroom (or homeschool classroom!). It's also extremely motivating for even the youngest students. My older son loves the premade JennaBug quizzes, and I love watching him practice important skills. There are so many uses for Qwizzy's World!

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